Agaricus – The Homoeo- Medicine Par Excellence For Modern Neurological Disorders----part1

Though agaricus belongs to lower form of vegetative life i.e. Fungi, having no chlorophyll molecule in its structure, yet it is offering wonderful opportunities and potentialities to cure and explore the most dreadful and neurological modern age disorders, infectious swine flue symptoms and obsessiveness anxiety about cancer and health. This is first part of the four series research article on agaricus.

The pathogenesis and proving of agaricus shows that agaricus has potential to cure majority of the present and future neurological diseases/manifestations of mankind .The modern dominant style of life has become totally suppressive in nature. To add fire to the

woods the modern dominant school of thought and medicine is also suppressive in nature. The dominant school has nothing to do with concept of curing of diseases. It is only interested or its primary concern is controlling the most painful symptoms transitory. This make shift arrangement of diseases is making the diseases more morbid and deadening in nature. Every transitory controlling of acute symptoms by anti biotic stuff adds a new layer of suppression to original disease product thereby making it more morbid, deep, and complex.Agaricus is such a wonderful medicine that is providing us with assertive and positive hope to cure neurological manifestations of diseases by unlocking unscientific suppression.


Agaricus is great stimulant to the nervous system especially the center of the nervous system i.e. the brain. It greatly excites the neurons of the brain. The excitory neurons have lot of energy. Under its influence the brain is in excited and stimulated state but not like the excited state produced by Belladonna. Its prime action on nervous tissue is just like alcohol. It acts on the brain as an intoxicant producing vertigo, delirium, delusions, hallucinations, and excitement of the brain followed by sooner or later by profound sopor and lowered or diminishing reflexes. It produces various forms of cerebro spinal excitements. Many fevers that are characterized by cerebral excitement in which the patient constantly and incessantly talks and makes speeches of changing the subject quickly may find good medicine in agaricus. In such type of nervous fevers the whole force of fever is spent on nervous system the patient. He may make verses and sing songs during delirious state of fever. The subject is so excited mentally and is so enthusiastic as if he is

lecturing to a classroom in the college or is delivering his sermons in a religious congregation. The peculiarity of loquacity is that the subject goes on changing its subject like Lachesis. Agaricus in such cases not only brings down the fever but the excited nervous system also gets calmed down. The proving of agaricus on human beings brings about four mental states of distinct behavior corresponding to each state

Slight stimulation

It is manifested by increased cheerfulness, boldness and courage, exciting fancy. Delirium tremens

Fanciful and excitation

It is great state of mental excitement about incoherent talking. The fancies are greatly exalted. The subject starts making big schemes in his imagination. He becomes real sheikh chili in his mind. It is delusionary state in which perceptions about reality become delusions. It is mental state in which perception of size is totally lost. The subject starts perceiving objects either smaller than their actual size or bigger than their actual size. A fly sitting on wall may as large as fifty times as its original size. He starts taking long or high steps. The perception of reality is totally distorted. A small hole appears like a frightening chasm .spoonful of water or a basket full of water appears as ocean of water. The physical strengths is greatly increased he does not feel fatigued and can lift heavy loads of wood.

Furious raging delirium

It is the extension of the first stage only. But due to predominance of furious and raging symptoms that are very distinct it may be subscribed as new category. This state corresponds to insanity. It is the state in which physical strength is greatly enhanced.
Mental depression
It is exact opposite of mental excitement state. The mental excitement is followed sooner or later by cerebral depression in which the will to do any labor or work is totally lost. Mental depression is marked by lack of indifference, and disinclination to any physical labor or work .There is totally apathy of mind. This state reminds one of acid phos state of total obliviousness to outer world.



Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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