Aneurism Of Arteries--- The Contribution Of Modern Complex Life Style

Hypertension is the root cause of aneurism. Aneurism is clinical emergency and if not properly and immediately attended than the death of the person may ensue immediately.

Heart occupies central position in our body organs. It is the cynosure of our body organs. The blood vascular system is a significant system of our body. Many diseases of modern man are the direct result of the diseased condition of heart arteries and veins. Arteries are blood streams that carry blood from heart to different body organs. There is fine net work of arteries in our body. Heart is muscular pump that sends

blood and oxygen to every tissue of our body and brings back the toxic carbonated blood from tissues to heart. Arteries contain pure blood whereas veins contain toxic blood. The main diseased to which arteries are liable are degeneration of the walls of the arteries and their loss of strength. When blood becomes thick with heavy deposits of cholesterol in arteries, it gives rise to arteriosclerosis sclerosis /atherosclerosis sclerosis and hypertension with high builds up plaques in the lumen of arteries the heart has to exert more to pump the blood to body organs. The normal health of heart depends on the overall good condition of arteries. Hypertension is the main disorder of the blood vascular system that gives rise to variety of heart diseases.

Vicious circle

The vicious circle in the blood circulation and blood organs is very dangerous for our body. It leads to many ills that prove very fatal, ultimately causing death of the person. High blood pressure is the main component of this vicious circle that is sets up in blood circulatory system. This vicious circle is very intriguing and elusive in nature. It remains hidden from our observation. What is this vicious circle that is so dangerous to life and so risky? When two things contribute mutually to enhance the effect of the other than vicious circle is set in. High blood pressure is prone to arterio sclerosis/athero sclerosis and ischemic heart diseases and these in turn are prone to very high blood pressure. In the presence of one the other component of the process is intensified. With loss of

tone and elasticity the arterial walls become thick and stiff and are constricted giving rise to high blood pressure. The other condition of the arteries may result from increased high arterial pressure. The arteries may start inflating or dilating/ bulging. This distended /dilated or inflated condition of arteries is called aneurism. In simple words it is fullness of arteries. Medically aneurism is a localized, blood-filled balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel. It is just like the localized inflated balloon like condition of an artery. Constriction and aneurism are two opposite conditions of the arteries. Both are equally fatal to normal working of heart. If perchance the distended and bulged arteries rupture than there is immediate danger to life by internal bleeding. The rupture of artery becomes a medical emergency. When this distended condition is found in veins; than it is termed as varicosis. Varicosis is less serious than aneurism.

Initially there may be small distension of an artery. It goes on increasing with time and pressure, unless it is checked by medical intervention. When the stress and strain is no longer borne by the diseased walls of arteries, than inevitably rupture takes place. Unless the rupture is exceedingly minute and small the death follows immediately. In lay man language this is called “breaking of the blood vessel.” The arteries that are degenerated generally do not give rise to aneurism. When rupture of artery of brain occurs this gives rise to apoplexy. Apoplexy is generally followed by paralysis of one side of body with other impairments of speech and language. The two most dangerous places in our body where aneurism generally takes place are brain or cranial cavity or pericardium of the heart. In these two locations the arterial walls are generally not supported and the continued pressure of the heat contractions soon sends the arterial wall into aneurism to the limits to its distend ability. Modern life style of man is so much complicated and filled with stresses and strains that it is contributing to many heart diseases.


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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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