Blogging Ideal Space For Self Expression And To Seek Information

Now the Blogging is not limited to self expression and exchange of ideas only; it has started molding and shaping world opinion also in a mammoth way. Since the dawn of civilization man has been expressing himself by various means and methods. Man is social animal. He can not be dumb and deaf. He can not live in isolation or secluded life of ascetic. He has to express. He has to give vent to his personal and pent up feelings. He has to convey his feelings with his fellows. He has to exchange his feelings. The need to express is inborn
in manís psyche. The inner urge to express him invented the tool of language. Language is significant tool of communication of ones personal desires and thoughts with other persons. Manís curiosity to express himself gave birth to, too many social arts. All social art forms, religion and mythology are in a way to exchange feelings and personal perceptions with others. Everyone has got his own perception of reality. In the modern age of computers and technology manís curiosity and urge for communication and passion for exchange words gave birth to the new concept of Blogging. Computes and especially internet has revolutionized the human life in a wonderful way. Not only man has changed his means of production, means of communication, his means of expression have also gone through drastic changes. In last few decades, whole domain of human activity and life has changed. Through the application of the internet the whole world has become one global village. The barriers or boundaries have broken. Blogging has contributed wonderfully in such direction Blogging is a means of self expression on internet without giving any price for it. A space is fixed for the blog writer irrespective of money or cost involved what a wonderful thing it is. The price of property has gone sky rocketed but this space of land is free. It is totally free. Anyone
can start writing by creating his own blog. Blogging has become an important tool of communication to influence others with ones thoughts. Blogging provides great opportunity to budding artists and writers to express their feelings through poems short stories and short essays. The future writers will be born out of Blogging. The Blogging has reposed the powers of the press in the hands of the common man or people. Web log more popularly known as blog is gift of internet or World Wide Web to the all those who were in search of a Plate form to express their opinions and feelings. Blogging is personal space on web without any cost or price. But once started as simple means of expression; has extended to a massive podium of sorts consisting of people involved in discussion of local to international issues and simple to complex issues, and influencing the public opinion at the universal level. Every person on blog can contribute to world peace and world issues in a big way now. Blogging is publishing your thoughts as quickly as a whim catches your fancy. The reason to Blogging is simply to share to communicate with fellows his personal feelings and to give vent to the feelings injustice and anger against criminals and antisocial elements. The best advantage of Blogging is that it kills boredom and ennui the joy of writing or creation can not be compared with anything. It is so great a pleasure. There is no binding of topic or subject also. You can write on any subject of your choice ranging from life to death economics to politics agriculture to industry media to entertainments or whatever you like. Blogging has become the dominant trend of life .Blogging has become so great in recent years that it is not limited to pass time or kill time but to excavate bigger responsibilities. Blogging today has become bigger than loggers themselves. Read more:

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