Can An Individual Die By # Apnea During Relaxed State Of Sleep?

Sleep apnoea is sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or obstructive breathing, called apnea; the victim or sufferer may die during such an apnea attack if the the problem is not addressed, properly and carefully. .

Sleep is the physic-mental phenomenon in which all activities of our body get ceased and we find ourselves in relaxed state of body. The main function of anti depressant drugs and tranquilizers is to induce artificial sleep by depressing the excited nervous system and neurons. So sleep is the most relaxed state of our body in which all our worries and anxieties get

dissolved. Can an individual die the sudden death during this relaxed state of physical body? The answer is positive “yes.” There have been reports of individual dying in their deep relaxed sleep. What caused the people to die in their sleep? There are two mental disorders in which a individual can die. These are

Sleep apnea

Sunds syndrome

What is sleep apnea?

Most of the people are not familiar with this sleeping disorder. Sleep apnea is a very severe condition of human respiratory system in which there is sudden cessation of respiration and the man feels suffocated. so apnea is sleep disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing pattern or instances of extremely low breathing during sleep. Each pause in breathing is called an apnea. Apnoea can last from few seconds and minutes and may occur several times in an hour. The frequency of apnoea attacks during an hour may vary from person to person and it is generally between five and twenty. Obstructive sleep apnea is different from upper respiratory infection.. He feels utter sense of

constriction in throat and chest as if he is going to die of heart attack. There is great probability and chances of someone dying during sleep in this disorder. Suddenly there becomes acute shortage of oxygen in our body or lungs. The body tries to compensate this condition of emergency by sending and producing emergency hormones. Usually the sufferer of this disorder awakes in this situation and his body feels “flight or fight” like situation. When such person awakes there is expression of terror and anxiety on her face and deep sense of insecurity calling the relatives to be near him and he feels tremendous fear of death. It seems to him as death is at hand and imminent. This is very frightening and scary experience not only for the victim but the onlookers also. Many people especially, those prone to heart attack and respiratory diseases actually die during such episodes of apnea. The victim may suffer from repeated and recurring type of sleep apnea during the whole night. There is every probability that the sufferer may die actually during one of such episodes of sleep apnea. The death is always due to sudden cardiac arrest

Sunds syndrome.

Sundus is sleep disorder of young adults and young girls. It is sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome that is characterized by cardiac arrest of young adults while asleep. It is the most sudden and unexpected phenomenon. The scientists have not bee able to locate the exact reasons for this syndrome.

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