Cervix Cancer, Pregnancy And Biopsy

Biopsy is not recommended during first trimester of pregnancy as it may trigger spontaneous miscarriage.Biopsy is not recommended during first trimester of pregnancy as it may trigger spontaneous miscarriage

The female generative organs mainly uterus, ovaries and cervix are very popular sites for cancers to grow and develop. Hormones play major role in maintaining health of woman and paving wave for cancers when artificially supplemented. Hormone treatment therapy at menopause is proving curse for woman. Hormones have a role positive or negative in the well being and health of woman. At menopause when the oestrogen level of blood starts waning; woman

know its effects well. Pregnancy is all dependants on hormones. Pregnancy is special period in the life span of a woman. It is an important event that leaves many marks good or pleasant in the life of a woman. The woman has to take many precautions of diet and health related issues during pregnancy. The cervix is a special organ or place to be attended keenly. It occupies midway between uterus and vagina it is great link between uterus and vagina. The cervix is the part of the uterus or structure that connects uterus with vaginal canal It is the structure that dilates during childbirth to allow the baby to traverse the birth canal. There are two major types of cancer that develop from the cervix tissues @ squamous cell cancers that arise from the squamous epithelium that covers the visible part of the cervix. @ Adenocarcinoma arise from the glandular longing of the end cervical canal. About 85% of cervical cancers are squamous cell cancers and the remainder is adenocarcinomas. The
treatment of carcainoma of cervix during pregnancy demands special care and attention on the mother and physician. When on a pregnant lady the abnormal Pap smear test is obtained than the further course of action is chalked out. The one good thing is that, there is no effect of carcinoma on pregnancy in general as far its pace is concerned and vice versa is also true i.e. there is no effect of pregnancy on carcinoma also. The pregnancy can go on full term with out any visible risk or complication of the carcinoma of cervix. There is no need for any manipulation of the cancerous cervix or its biopsy. It is advisable not to take any biopsy during first trimester of pregnancy even if the carcinoma is visible there. There is greater risk of spontaneous miscarriage if the cervix tissue is biopsized. There is no exigency or urgency to diagnose a pre malignant condition of cervix during pregnancy. All that is really necessary is to exclude the possibility of invasive cancer or diagnose an invasive cancer. Invasive carcinoma of the cervix is a tumor of the epithelial cells that invade at least some way into the underlying connective tissue of the cervix Often this can be accomplished by a colposcopic examination, without the need for any biopsy. If the biopsy is to be done as an emergency case than the best occasion for these biopsies is the early second trimester of pregnancy. As by that time the the risk for a spontaneous miscarriage has gone.

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