Could Steve Jobs Be Saved?

steve jobs untimely death is great loss  to humanity . All controversies about his death are now irrelevant.

steve jobs untimely death is great loss  to humanity . All controversies about his death are now irrelevant.

Steve jobs died of a rare kind of neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas gland in 2011. His death has raised many questions and mysteries.. The issue of his death is being hotly debated on internet and in different forums. People are furnishing different opinions and strange hypothesis about his death. His mode of diet and mode of treatment are hotly debated in many circles and forums. His death is shrouded in many mysteries. The two are most prominent. One is about chemotherapy and

the other is about his mode of living on vegan diet. These controversies have no real meaning now. After his death, immediately, two sharp streams of thinking, diagonally opposed to eahchother were circulating on internet. The conventional therapeutic were blaming alternative therapy, which Steve jobs adhered to in his earlier days of diagnosis of cancer. On the other hand the alternative therapeutics is blaming Steve’s death on chemotherapy.

The dieticians are surprised why vegan diet could not save him. When searches vindicate the healthy effects of vegan diet whey did Steve succumb to cancer? It is said that Steve was resorting to vegan diet and meals religiously. Diet alone is not any alternative to cancer cure or treatment. Health and balanced diet can stop or halt the rapid progression of cancer but of its own it is insufficient and can not combat cancer cells

ut Steve jobs mode of treatment. Steve postponed his surgery to nine months. He was diagnosed suffering from caner in 2003. Many argue that if he had done the surgery earlier he would have survived. Aside from waiting

for initial nine months of his illness Steve jobs relied heavily on conventional therapy. Now this is an open secret. He underwent the most invasive and aggressive type cancer operations such as Whipple and liver transplant at later stage. He underwent surgery in 2004 in which some part of pancreas, the gall bladder, some parts of stomach, bile duct and small intestines were removed. Five years later his pancreas cancer was metastasized to liver which is common site of metastasis.

The live metastasis is almost an end stage of cancer as the injury committed to internal organs at such an advanced stage is beyond reversible and fatal in nature. In Steve jobs case full liver transplant was done. Any transplant is riskier and full of dangers as human body tries to reject the foreign organs. Moreover the patients need to be on immuno –suppressive drugs to prevent the body being rejected new organ. Had Steve undergone surgery in 2003 he would not have been saved. The disposition to cancer was there in Steve’s life style and his handling of stressful situations of life. He was always under lot of stress and depressed state of mind. The stressful and depressed state of mind is precursor of malignancy, long before the actual eruption of cancerous state of body. It is now known that Steve was going through this state of mind since long. All speculations about his death are now irrelevant. He was suffering from cachexia since long before cancer of pancreas was diagnosed. The cache tic state of body is definitely a precursor of malignant.

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