# Drug-resistance –comparative Study Of Conventional Drugs And Homoeopathic Medicines

Drug-resistance is new phenomenon that is emerging over the globe with rapid pace. New strains of microorganisms are developing strong drug resistance. The new discovery of a strain of bacteria, NDMI bacteria that is registrant to whole range of anti biotic may prove very fatal to human life and may cost many lives in epidemic way. The scientist Timothy Walsh has already warned the world community in this regard.

Drugs are mainly and primarily targeted at killing of pathogens like bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi, that are considered to be responsible for causing various diseases in human beings. In due course

of time when these microscopic microorganisms develop resistance to the drugs and anti biotics than this peculiar phenomenon is called drug –resistance. Drug resistance is a peculiar phenomenon that is plaguing the pharmaceutical industry and conventional drugs. More and more drugs are becoming obsolete and pathogens are developing strong resistance to these heavily prescribed drugs. New strains of bacteria and viruses are developing immunity to these drugs. Their vulnerability to strong drugs is gradually vanishing. They are developing and creating new environment in which they can thrive and survive safely in spite of heavy bombardment of heavy doses of drugs. In simple words Drug resistance is the reduction in effectiveness of a drug such as antimicrobial. Drug resistance is resistance acquired by pathogens. Multi drug registrant microorganisms are evolving rapidly. Most of the cancers tumors have already developed strong resistance to chemotherapy drugs used.

Take the example of mosquitoes. . The new stains of mosquitoes have developed such a strong resistance that these have become totally registrant to the spray of DDT. The DDT is proving ineffective against mosquitoes. Similarly, the once darling drug of physicians, Penicillin, is no longer safe drug. Many strains of bacteria have developed strong resistance to this broad spectrum anti biotic drug. In its initial days it was very effective to kill and combat many types of bacteria and was proving panacea for all infectious diseases. Its miracle powers had not only gone but many strains of bacteria have become totally registrant to the prescription of this wonderful drug It has started causing anaphylactic shock to patients.

How the microorganisms /pathogens develop resistance to drugs in course of time? Drug resistance is an evolutionary process. Chemical resistance is direct consequence of evolution and is a response to pressures imposed on any living organism by the environment. Individual organisms vary in their sensitivity and vulnerability to the drug used and some with greater potency and fitness may be capable of surviving drug treatment.. Drug resistant traits and dispositions are accordingly inherited by subsequent offspring, resulting in a population that is more drug resistant. Thus with advent of time an entire population is evolved which is totally registrant to particular drug. Gradually and evolutionary these microorganism develop drug tolerance. The use and abuse of antimicrobial drugs in humans and animal husbandry over the past five decades has lead the relentless rise

in the number and types of microorganism’s registrant to these drugs. Many deaths have been caused by registrant drugs. These drugs are causing lot of disability and suffering to human beings. Instead of curing, these registrant drugs have become nuisance and menace to human life.
The latest addition to the drug registrant army of pathogens is the discovery of NDM1gene bacteria that has registrant to the whole range of antibiotics. The scientist Timothy Walsh belonging to Cardiff University has blamed the emergence of drug registrant pathogens largely on in sanitary conditions that caused infections resulting in overuse of drugs. His main research field is,” The emergence of new antibiotic resistance mechanism in India” He has warned in latest conference in Delhi that 100 million people are carrier of this drug registrant super bug bacteria in India. The highly drug registrant gene NDM1 (New Dehli-metallo-beta-lactamase1) is in circulation in most areas of India..NDM1 is present in the environment.. This super bug can be very devastating for whole humanity. It is one of the deadliest bugs roaming freely around the world to infect the people.
The latest trends and statistics of antibiotic consumption show that anti biotic consumption in India is rising at an alarming rate of seven percent per annum .The overall growth of Indian economy is less than 7%, i.e. more than the growth of economy This consumption is only next to china where it is @8% annually. China and India are mostly thick populated countries of world community. If the remedial measures to check the wide spread consumption of anti biotics were not taken immediately on priority basis, than the rampant growth in the consumption of antibiotics will be very devastating and catastrophic for the people. With the discovery of NDMG1 the new era of dug registrant has just started.

The only way to avoid drug resistance is the adoption of homoeopathy for curing infections. Since its inception there is not even single medicine of homoeopathy that has developed resistance to any pathogen or bacteria. Unlike conventional medicine, Homoeopathy is not anti microbial in nature. Its aim is not to kill bacteria or viruses but to boost and strengthen the immune system to fight these pathogens. It creates an environment in the human body in which these foreign pathogens and micro organism can not thrive or survive. Homoeopathic medicines are not bactericidal or insecticidal. These are most potent and dynamic medicines to boost the economy to make it enable to fight microorganisms. So there is no question of drug resistance in homoeopathy. Neither the homoeopathic medicines are disease specific, rather these are individual specific. Homoeopathy has two hundred yeas of glorious history of curing human sickness in most gentle and friendly way and that too permanently. In this perspective it can be rightly said that future of mankind belongs to homoeopathy.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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