Has Your Loverís Love Not Transformed Into Obsession?

If someone loves you passionately and is very crazy and possessive of your self; than always think, Is he or she not suffering from the mental malady called obsession?. Mostly it will be---

Love and obsession are two entirely different and contradictory things. The nature and scope of both is different. Both flow in not only different directions but opposite also. Love is going east obsession is going west. Love is going north obsession is going south. Love is sublime. Obsession is decline. Love is constructive .obsession is destructive. Love is all pervasive and omnipresent and expanding in all directions Obsession

is limiting and narrowing. Love is beyond time and space. Obsession is limited in the narrow boundaries of time and space some persons do not know when their love is converted into obsession. Thy still think that they are in love but actually they are not in love but obsession of love. Love is a sublime emotion and feeling of sacrifice for his or her beloved. There is no demanding in love. When love starts demanding, or laying conditions of approval, before the lover or beloved than it is pure business. In business there is no love. It is purely trade or money contact between two parties of giving something and taking something. This system of giving and taking in the form of transactions is prevalent in all world markets. In love there are no transactions at all. It is purely transcendental feeling. Love has no form also. Where there is form there is no love at all. Form dies love never dies. Love is beyond all earthly attractions or bodily fascinations. What is the true identification of true love or lover? There is one very significant word “selfishness” to recognize the true love. If there is an iota of selfishness than that love in not love what else name you can give it to. I have seen people calling their selfishness with the name of love. So love is an intensified feeling of affection and recognition of the lover and sacrifice. Whenever you are in love with someone, always think of in your mind. “What is in the lover that I love?” If your mind gives the answer’’ I love her beautiful body with beautiful eyes.’ Out rightly discard it, that it is love. It is your pure selfishness. Suppose she meets with an accident tomorrow and is disfigured now beyond recognition.. Will you still love her? Not at all, not in the least. What you were demanding is gone. Now what is the need to love her? The accident has exposed your hidden selfishness. It has come on the surface. In modern age context wheat we call love is purely infatuation nothing else. We have become so cunning and hypocrite that we have started to call our hypocrisy with the name of love. Now again ask your mind. Do I love her for the attraction of her body? She has attractive body build and she attracts to your eyes. This again is not love it is purely sexual attraction. To call sexual attraction a love is a big mistake .again asks your mind the same question. Now your mind answers I love her because of he qualities of being well behaved, Innocent and intelligent. This is again your hidden selfishness. Go on asking in this
way hundred times and having answers to your questions by your self. One day you find and say” I love you because of love nothing else, I love you for love’s sake. I wish nothing from you and I love you because of love.” This is the true love. True love has no bondage or limiting force. Love has no relationship. Love is such type recognition of the self and self of the lover. No word in the whole dictionary is potent enough to reveal the true essence of love. Love is inexpressible. Love is beyond senses. Love is feeling only. Love is recognition.

Love obsession

When you are intensely in love with someone and you can not stop thinking about her day and night. Constant thinking about lover or beloved is also a form of deep attachment. This shows how deeply you are attached to someone. There is something happening in your mind and stomach. Generally when love is intensified to the extreme degree ,there is faint sinking feeling in stomach. You badly yearn for her. You can not live with out her and go on remembering her. The feeling of desperation is very strong in such love affair. The concerned person thinks how deeply I love her and she is not responding? There comes an element of suspicion also.” Perhaps she does not love me”
Psychologically he/ she is not in love but in a diseased condition of mind called obsession. When your mind sets and fixes on something repeatedly; and you feel helpless to distract same ideas from your mind than you have surely become victim of obsession. Obsession has many forms. We may be obsessed with anything. When something becomes compulsion for our mind to do or repeat, than it is a form of obsession. Obsession is purely possessiveness to the utmost degree. Obsession leads to egoism, egoism to possessiveness. It is an extreme form of selfishness. It is not love at all. It is the most anxious and anticipatory condition of mind that torments the victim constantly,  . He/she goes on thinking about her/him restlessly with no relief. He can not escape from its venomous pangs. When despite all your efforts you still can’t stop thinking about your partner; it is a sure shot sign of obsession and not of true love. Love is not possessiveness at all. Possessiveness is the most dominating ill and diseased emotion of mankind. If now you’re the most beloved partner goes to someone else and you suddenly see her doing that. You mind will be in turmoil. You will be so revengeful that you will think of killing her now. Can a lover think of killing the beloved? In most sensitive constitutions, love is generally transformed into obsession and obsession into revenge and killing spree. If someone loves you intensely, always think whether he or she loves sincerely or she or he is simply suffering from obsession. It is the feeling of obsession “Either you or nothing” or “either you or your death.” Obsession is drama of love not love enacted beautifully and meticulously... Always beware it.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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