How #alcoholic Addiction Of Parents Adversely Impacts The Psyche And Personality Of Their Kids & Children?

The daily drinking habit of parents implicates the personality and behavior of kids and children in many diverse ways.

The daily drinking habit of parents implicates the personality and behavior of kids and children in many diverse ways.

The dangerous, health hazardous, ill effects of alcohol on various body organs such as liver, stomach, lungs, heart, kidneys are well researched and well documented. Very little has been said or documented on the topic “How alcohol habit of parents affects the mentality of their infants and children”? It is obvious and self evident that the greatest impact of alcohol is on the personality and social behavior of the person in varied ways. It impacts the social dealings of a

man in various ways. Some well known and defined recognizable traits and aspects /components of the addicted personality are:

Irresponsibility and carelessness

Casual attitude

Quarrelsomeness with anti social activities

Liars and mischievousness

Heightened sex derive or loss of libido

Self centeredness or selfishness

Cruelty and crudeness of personality

Lack of courage and initiative

Cunningness with manipulation devices

Aggressive and violent behavior

Lascivious talking in public using socially tabooed words

All these negative traits of the behavior of the drunkard and addicted person are not only nuisance to the public but leave an indelible mark and impression on the gentle and delicate psyche of the children and are gradually engrafted. Environment and heredity are both factors of utmost value and marking impacting one’s personality and behavior. The addicted husband is constant source of nuisance and torture to wife and children. Gradually these negative traits of the behavior and personality of parent’s stat evolving from the behavior of their children also. An inherent tendency and vulnerability is engrafted on the psyche of children to all kinds of anti social activities. The calendar of anti social events and behavior unfolds in the behavior of child as he grows up or encounters social working and interaction with fellows..

As the child grows up, he becomes “problem child” for the family and parents on account of his disordered behavior. Behavioral disorders are very common these days in kids and children and more and more parents are seeking guidance from psychiatrists. The more the drunkard and addicted parent tortures and beats his child the more obstinate, violent, cruel, aggressive and stereo typed his behavior becomes. The cruel and callous behavior of parents towards their children proves counter productive. The alcoholic mentality has no elements of sympathy, empathy, compassion or submission in its structural composition. It is very fixed and rigid. It may break but can not yield to pressure. It has its own whims and fixed ideas about everything.

Not only psychological health, the psychical health of the child is also affected .It has been revealed by researches that excessive use of alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicants and their addiction leads to the fall of sperm count of not only parents but their kids and children may also suffer similar ways. Many of the children of the parents belonging to possessively and obsessessively addicted to intoxicants have been found to be suffering from low sperm count and immobility and immotility of sperms or nil sperm count with almost dead sperms. These children are totally infertile and impotent. Moreover, the vicious circle or irony of fate is that in order to cover up their sexual deficiencies and adequacies the more the teenagers resort to intoxicants and drugging the more impotent and infertile they become in the long run. Long continued use of drugging and chemicals

is very injurious to health. No medicine other than energy medicine can restore the sperm count dmaged by crude drugging and intoxicants or CNS depressing drugs

According to recent reports on the topic, the sperm count of Punjabis has fallen drastically. Such drastic fall has led to the establishment of mushrooming artificial fertility centres in the state. Can such deleterious effects of alcohol be overlooked?
Alcohol is directly contributing to self injury syndrome called DSH. Deliberate self harm or auto –aggression is rapidly increasing in children. More and more kids are displaying the various symptoms of this syndrome. On slight provocation or denial of demands and will, the arrogant and impertinent youth resorts to all kinds of self injury devices to get their demands fulfilled by their parents. Children are becoming self –willed, obstinate, suborn, and intolerant to any slight contradiction or provocation. They wish to follow their own ways and do not like even slight interference of their parents in their ways .This type of threatening, manipulative, anti- social and self aggressive attitude is finding popularity with youngsters of tech age. The behavior of children in house and outside is becoming menacing, antics playing, violent, quarrelsome and very aggressive. Rage and fury has become permanent part and parcel of their psyche.

The self –injury behavior may imbibe self injury in diverse forms such as: cutting of veins or arteries of hands or legs with blade, razor or sharp knife, pouring kerosene on body to set one’s a fire, head banging against walls, holding hot glider in hands, burning of skin with coals, pricking of skin with needles, piercing of skin etc, shutting up of one’s self in closed room to commit suicide by hanging from fans. The kids are becoming rude, shameless and lascivious in talking not only against parents but society as a whole. In a minor stressful condition or something happening against the wishes of kids there is an apparent intent to harm or self injury. The violent and periodical exacerbations of childhood aggression and frenzied excitement is causing concern and worry to their parents. The parents being totally oblivion to psychology of such an anti social behavior of kids, all this is happening in the background of addiction of family to various intoxicants and chemical drugging especially alcoholic beverages.
Under facade of false bravery and lion ship the alcohol excites the nervous system especially brain to do all kinds of anti social activities. It makes beast of a man devouring all moral social and family sense of good and bad. The ethical and social values of fraternity, equality and brotherhood are dashed to the ground. The drunkard, the addicted or the person under the deep intoxicating influence is most selfish and sex-ridden on the earth. He tends to possess criminal mentality. It is known and established fact that most of the crimes of our modern day society are committed under the heavy influence of drugging and intoxicants.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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