How And Why Extra Dietary Supplements Are Required During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a vital phase that needs special care, attention and extra dietary supplements. It is evolving phase that needs and requires vitamins, minerals and proteins for the build up of mother as well as foetus.

Pregnancy is really a milestone in the journey of the life of a woman. It plays significant part in the life and culture of a woman. After marriage this is the most vital event in the life of woman. Actually, it is through the first pregnancy that a virgin attains womanhood. Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life. It brings about

emotional, psychological and physiological changes as well as poses extra demands on the body. In this vital phase of pregnant mother her body needs extra nutrition for the developing fetus, pregnant woman herself and the lactation period to follow. These nutritional demands have to be met for a healthy child and mother.

Due to the risk involved during pregnancy and delivery; sometimes it is referred to as the second birth of a woman .There is enhanced rapid metabolic rate in the body of the pregnant mother and the foetus. The increased metabolic rate requires for extra dietary needs of both mother and foetus. The quantity and quality of diet during pregnancy should be adequate and balanced. There is growing need for dietary supplements during pregnancy;

to provide for the maintenance of the maternal mother and is of paramount significance to compensate for the growing and developing needs of the foetus. The vitality required during, pregnancy, labor and lactation is volumous and needs attention. There is increased caloric requirement due to many developing issues such as growth of the maternal tissues, foetus, placenta and increased basal metabolic rate. The increased caloric requirement during second half of pregnancy is to the extent of three hundred times over the non pregnant state. Extra diet and supplements are direly needed

The ideal pregnancy diet should consist of light, nutritious, balanced and easily digestible nature. Above all, it must contain proteins, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantity and in a balanced manner.

Minerals – There is extra need and requirement of Calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium and iodine. These minerals should be taken adequately during pregnancy. The deficiency of these minerals many lead to many complications during pregnancy and may cause adverse effects on the fetus-infant. Vitamin B6 or Folic acid is very important to prevent macrocytic anaemia and promote normal fetal growth, as it prevents serious birth defects. Neural tube defects generally arise due to deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy.


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