How Cardiovascular Risk Factors Can Be Modified And Minimized?

Some of the deadly and threatening risk factors for heart diseases are: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco consumption, sedentary life style of inactivity, and obesity etc. These factors can be greatly modified or reduced at will of the concerned person, thus avoidance and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are not only leading cause of deaths not only in India but in the whole world over. It is estimated that thirty lakhs people die of heart diseases in India. Globally, 30% of all deaths are caused by cardiovascular related diseases. Cardiac vascular diseases are killer no1.There are certain predisposing causes

and factors that can be avoided with slight ease and attention .To prevent the occurrence of heart diseases,. Heightened awareness about health issues should be there among people. Casual attitude of ignorance, negligence, carelessness about health issues is also adding to the prevalence of heart diseases.The medical heart specialists dealing with heart ailments and emergencies have identified certain trigger factors that are said to be responsible for most of the heart ailments and diseases. Some of the deadly and threatening risk factors for heart diseases are: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco consumption, sedentary life style of inactivity, stress and tension, obesity etc. the encouraging and positive side of the problem is that these risk factors can be modified with change outlook with little efforts and strong will. Let us enumerate these trigger factors in their hierarchical order of importance.

High cholesterol

The high raised level of HDL in the blood stream is potential danger for heart attack and other accompanying diseases. The fatty HDL sticks to the wall of arteries making fatty deposits in the blood stream; thus obstructing blood supply to heart and other body organs. It makes blood vessels narrower and constricted. The lumen of arteries is greatly reduced. To prevent and modify this condition we will have to change our lazy and sedentary life style to activity and activism along with modifications in food habits. The persons liable to heat diseases or on the threshold of heart diseases should walk and exercise daily in the morning regularly. The bad cholesterol generated by foods should be avoided at all costs. Milk, eggs and meat are rich source of saturated fats. These should be minimized or reduced in our daily diet and food or these should be replaced by fresh vegetables and fruits.


Obesity is precursor of many heart diseases. Obesity leads to hypertension and diabetes. Diabetes in turn leads to many heart diseases and complications such as diabetic foot, retinopathy, impotency etc. There is triangle of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.modern life style of sedentary habits devoid of any exercises and hard work is leading to obesity.

Junk and fast f foods are also adding to waistline obesity. Children should be persuaded to avoid such foods. Such foods no doubt delicious in nature but are totally devoid of any food or nutritional value


Diabetes is silent killer disease of many people. In India diabetes is on the top as far as deaths by diseases is concerned. The genetic make up of Indian people is very prone to heart diseases. It is very serious disease in itself and if left untreated it may cause death of concerned person or may lead to many complications of grave nature of various organs of body like eyes, kidneys and heart. Diabetes has potential and higher risk factor for heart diseases we can easily curtail the consumption of carbohydrates in our daily diet.
The metabolic syndrome consisting of high blood pressure, a large waistline and obesity; all clustered together is major risk factor for heart diseases. Diabetes is diagnosed on basis of blood glucose level. The ideal and normal blood glucose level is 80 mg/dl. A blood glucose level of more than 120 mg/dl is sure sign and indication of diabetes. The persons who have hereditary history of diabetes, high blood pressure with ischemic changes, or heart attack or cardiac arrest should resort to screening tests like sugar test and blood profile tests regularly, under the supervision of able and experienced physician.



Smoking is extremely injurious to heath, especially heart and lung health. Smoking has multitude of health risks and health problems. It increases the diseases pertaing to heart kidney and lungs. A smoker is entitled to have twice the risk of heart attack than non smoker. A chain smoker is even more vulnerable than this simple smoker.

Smoking speeds up the process of formation of plaques in arteries. The heavy build up of these plaques in blood stream leads to obstruction of supply of blood hence reduced supply of oxygen to tissues and cells of body. This process of thicking of blood and formation of plaques further leads to athero -sclerosis. The formation of plaques in blood is directly proportional to the quality and density of the blood. Smoking reduces the level of good friendly cholesterol HDL in the blood. Smoking causes stickiness of blood. The trigger factor of tobacco and smoking can be greatly reduced from the population by educating the people about the dangerous and injurious effects of tobacco-smoking on our body organs.

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