How To Get Rid Of # “error Reporting” In Window Xp?

Two computer tips

Two computer tips

When “error report” comes up in window xp after the crashing of a micro soft program; asking for some information on the crash to Microsoft server. How to disable it?
In order to get rid of error reporting following steps should be observed.
• Go to start and open the control panel
• Double click on the system and than click on the advanced tab.
• Click on the error reporting button at the bottom.
• Select “disable error reporting” when this option is selected, error reports will not be generated.
• Now you can select the

option “but notify me when critical error occurs”
Now window will report critical error even if you have disabled “error reporting “

How to disable low disk space warning in


The warning of low disk space in the system occurs reputedly in tray. It occurs when window finds that a particular partition is running out of space. If you feel irritated with the massage, here is simple tip to solve your problem.
Go to start menu and execute regedit.
In the window registry navigate to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/windows/current version/policies/explorer
Create a “new binary value and set its value to 00 00 00 01” and exit the registry
Restart your computer and your problem will be solved.

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