How To Guard/ Protect Your Self From Black Widow Girls/nymphomaniac Girls Of Tech Age?

The only way of protecting yourself from net work and the black jaws of black spidery girls/ nymphomaniac girls is to keep distance from them in every possible way.


You will be simply astonished and surprised by reading the heading of this topic. You will be eager to know what black widow girls are after all. You must not have heard this term and you might not be familiar with this term also. I have willfully taken the term black widow from the arachnids’ class. Arachnids are a class of jointed legged invertebrates in the sub phylum chelicerata. Spiders belong to

this class. All arachnids have eight legs. Black widow spider also belongs to the class of arachnids.
. The behavior of spiders especially courtship behavior is very famous and characteristic. There courtship behavior is very peculiar and amazing. It is full of rituals. Man must have learn many things from the courtship behavior of spiders. These are very small creatures of nature having no bones and no pair of wings. These creatures are hairy and eight legged and there are more than thirty thousand species of spiders. Black widows are notorious spiders identified by the colored, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens. Their abdomen has very shining red spots. These seem to be very beautiful It is source of attraction for male spiders.

I have chosen certain features and characteristic of black widow spider that fully simulate and coincide with the behavior of certain girls of this tech age. That is why I have called them black widow girls. The first striking similarity is that, both spiders and girls are female by gender. But the most striking similarity of behavior is the hyper sexuality or the sensuousness of their character. .The black widow spider is very sexual and sensuous. She is very sexy also. Let us try to know the sexual behavior of black widow spider. Never does female power reigns as supreme as in mating. Black widow females sometimes kill and eat their counterpart’s males after mating in a macabre behavior that gave the insect its peculiar name of widow.
Courtship behavior

The courtship or foreplay behavior of male spider is worth noting and evaluating. The male spider wriggles waves and vibrates in the courtship dance to attract her female partner. The male spider offers a gift of captured fly to please her. In the excited frenzied movements while kissing her face the male spider hurls himself into the jaws of black widow spider. The male spider is instantly and impulsively devoured by black widow spider. The male spider dies during sexual conjugation. It seems the female black spider is eternal widow .This sexual act of black widow spider reminded me of many hypocrite and manipulative and cunning girls who like black widow eat in to their beloved or boy friends Their courtship and sexual behavior simulates in every respect to black widow’s sexual behavior. They only satisfy their own whims and seeking sexual pleasure from their partners. There is no love lost with the partner. They are very pragmatic in their relationship and sexual behavior. So long as the partner or boy friend has money and wealth they will enjoy him and his wealth. They never stick to one boy friend .They seek wealth and sex and after getting it leave the friend. Their sexuality overrules them and they are sex ridden and sex obsessed. As the black widow spider takes gifts from his male friend spider similarly these womanly black widow spiders seek gifts and all kind of

pleasure things and precious gifts from their boy friends. Like cunning spider black widow they will put a facade of romanticism as if they are intensely loved with their friend’s .But that is only a outward show or pretension. .Internally or mentally these are very sly and cunning. To win the heart of their friend, these coquettish girls are very well behaved well mannered and sweet natured. None can see the cunningness and selfish motive hidden in their deep heart and behavior. The second similarity worthy of mention is of over activity .both the black widow spider and such girls are very active in their behavior. They never rest in one place. They are always on the run seeing their prey. They have buoyancy and energy in their muscles. They are very overactive and energetic .The black widow spider is busy all the time in weaving its web to capture its prey. They are cosmopolitan in nature and behavior.

Hyper sexuality or nymphomaniac

Their hormonal activity is always at its peak. They have lot of or excess of tosterone in their blood stream. . That is why these are very hyper sexual type. These are really or typically nymphomaniac girls. Nymphomaniac girls are never gratified during normal sexual activity or intercourse. They wish sex all the time. You can see this spider moving or wandering in public spaces or restaurants and hotels sitting idle to seek the male company. What can be more nymphomaniac than black widow spider that in a fit of sexual frenzy devours the male in her abdomen? Impulsivity is great characteristic of their behavior. They are never predictive in behavior. They are very volatile and hysterical. It is mostly possible that these spiders are very dangerous and infective. They might be suffering from much sex related lethal diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and aids HIV. Sometimes they deliberated infect the males to avenge the man and society. They are reservoir of infectious diseases. Many call girls are of such black widow spidery character. Money power and sex are all important to them and weigh heavily on their minds. They have no value for human emotions. They do not know what morality or ethics is? They are very rebellionous in their selfish behavior .They are very cruel. sometimes they are very sadistic in sexual behavior. They may kill their friends for seeking sadistic pleasure during sexual activity. They only seek sexual pleasure by sadistic means. More the sadistic means more is the volume of their pleasure .The only way to protect you from these man eaters’ womanly spiders is to keep oneself away from their way and company and to avoid their company. . This spider's bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be twenty times stronger than a rattlesnake's or cobra’s can you imagine the venom of these spidery girls which they inject into the blood of their prey. HIV is such a poison that is playing havoc with the precious lives of many innocent preys. If you are lust or sense driven than there is every possibility of you being fall in to their prey and net. The black widow spider weaves the net to catch its prey similarly these spidery girls weave the net of fabricated friendship and love affair .They

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