How To Identify The Chronic Sufferers Of Grief And Depression?

Grief is universal emotion. It is there in our life from birth to end. Most of our bodily diseases have their origin in grief. How to identify the silent grief force in our life? This article is an attempt to that direction

Grief is a universal phenomenon and universal feeling or emotion. Everybody has the experience of grief feelings in one’s life time. There might be none in the world who has not felt grief sometimes in his life span. There is one folk story in Buddhist literature depicting the universality of grief emotion. One day one old lady came

to Lord Buddha wailing over the death of her beloved son. Her son has died from some disease .She could not bear the separation. She was awfully stricken with grief and separation from her son she was sobbing loudly. She said to Buddha in an agonizing tone “O Buddha! Give the life back to my son, I can not live without my son” Buddha tried to persuade her that once dead can not come back to this earthly world. But she was hesitant and still insistent on her demand of bringing her son back to life. when the old lady did not agree to any argument or persuasion than Buddha said “ O.K, go to some house in the universe and bring the water from house in which no person had died so far “she searched every house but none was there which could fulfill her demand. She returned back to Buddha and told the whole story to Buddha. She said convincingly. “I will not insist on my son’s survival now.” She realized her folly .This story shows the prevalence of grief and sorrow in every person’s life .Similarly the first guru of Sikh gurus, Nanak says” the whole universe is grieved over and the world is full of misery and sorrow.” Grief is mot life crippling and mental depressing force world wide. In spite of its universality some do not know that they are suffering from grief. What are the signs and symptoms that represent grief in our life? How the grief is to be identified. In the early stages of pathology grief is not easy to identify. We can find or trace the cause or reason of most diseases to grief. Even the origin of cancer can be sought in grief stricken situation of life. Grief has very damaging influence on our health. Grief has many forms and it is of varied kinds. Social grief is easy to identify but mental grief is very difficult to locate. Only the psychologist can find it after much counseling with the patient. Grief is deep hidden in the deep layers of our minds. So it is not evident always. Grief can be of two types: acute grief and chronic grief. Acute grief is of recent origin and we are conscious of its effects but chronic grief is not easy to recognize.

Loss/ disconnection

The loss or disconnection from a thing or person is main cause of our grief. We as human beings are heavily attached to this world .we are so emotionally attached to this physical world that even we have developed relationship of many kinds with the world. A relationship is nothing but deeply emotional attachment. When our attachment is broken suddenly, unceremoniously and unexpectedly, than we are driven to grief and despair So grief lies in

our attachments and bondage to external world through the medium of our five senses and sense organs

Signs/ symptoms

There are certain visible signs and symptoms from which we can derive certain conclusions. A malady always speaks through the language of signs and symptoms .every disease has certain external manifestations. Weeping is the first outward manifestation of grieved state of mind. When we are in grief, misery, sorrow, and despair, we start weeping. Weeping works as safety valve for the wound up nervous system. It is really wonderful medicine for the grieved state of mind. No medicine can replace or substitute it. When the grief stricken person starts weeping he feels relaxed and lighted up immediately. Similar to weeping the one other sign is sobbing. Sobbing is another form of deep weeping in which the muscles participate in cramping way. A big crack in your lower lip is sign of your chronic grief state. When our emotions, our waters of body, dry up than our skin starts cracking and fissuring

Silent grief

The non weeping state of mind is also manifestation of grief. There are same people who do not give way to their emotions and feelings. They hid their emotions from outward people in an attempt to wear the facade of bravery. The suppression of emotions is very dangerous situation. With their expressions and suppression the emotions greatly mould and mar our personality. The persons who are in the habit of hiding their emotions become very taciturn, gloomy, joyless and indifferent to pleasure. These people are heavy with hidden grief yet unable to weep or cry. These people are sufferer from silent grief. Silent grief is very damaging for overall health and personality of the person. These people are extremely emotional but they never show their love or hatred emotions. These are extremely sentimental. The more the person is sentimental the more he or she will suffer from grief or sorrow. These are closed people they have strong resentments in their minds and they never make show of these resentments. Mentally, these persons are weak. These people have one peculiar way of weeping that is weeping by making hide their face from public view. They weep secretly or in isolation. Most probably they weep in the bathroom when none is there to see them. They consider it as their weakness to weep in public view. If you try to console such a person when he or she is weeping than they will burst into tears and passion. Consolation aggravates all their misery. One more peculiarity of their mentality is that they constantly dwell on past unpleasant and resentful occurrences and recollections. They go on churning their recollections and deriving pleasure from them. This is just like churning of water. They are so emotional they feel easily offended and take everything to their hearts. One great characteristically of chronic sufferers is that either they crave for sodium chloride or they hate it badly. They will demand extra sat in their vegetables from the servant or they will resent the minor excess quantity of salt added to their diets craziness for sodium chloride is well marked in their life either way.

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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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