How Micro-blogging Is Moulding &shaping Our Daily Lives?

Micro Blogging is almost new concept of cyber space and it is finding favor with every stream of life ranging from students to political and religious leaders.

Twitter has won favour with people as far as micro Blogging is concerned. Micro- Blogging is altogether a new concept which has unconsciously and deeply crept in to our daily lives. We have unconsciously started using micro Blogging and it has become our part and parcel of our daily lives. Everyone is printing the concise picture of his ideas, concepts, and imagination for others to read and see. Micro Blogging is the best source

and medium to influence the minds of other people. We are visualizing our dreams of future by micro Blogging

Twitter has become very popular micro Blogging website. Second to twitter comes the other popular micro Blogging web site face book. In the hierarchy of social networking sites twitter stands at the top. There has been tremendous growth in the population of twitter users since its birth five years back. Twitter has surpassed all other micro Blogging and social media websites on internet in quality and quantity of users. It is estimated that twitter has more than 100 million active users’ world wide. Twitter has around 200 million registered users. The twitter users use twitter for exchange of information, sending of messages, and for expressing their inner self and feelings etc. Twitter has proved boon to business community. Almost every famous business community/house of world is sending tweets about their peculiar products on internet to exchange ideas of business and attract more and more potential customers. Moreover it is cost effective also. Business houses spend huge amount of money on advertisements for the expansion and widening of their customer base. On twitter these can advertise more effectively and smartly with broad based customer base

world wide
Twitter allows its users to send text messages with maximum limit of 140 words. The text messages comprising more than this limit are automatically rejected or refused .The user community of twitter is very broad based and varied. It is not limited to one country but whole universe is its family. It pertains to every domain of human life. The twitter users include students, intellectuals, professors, household wives, corporate , political and religious leaders, literary giants , filmy personalities, social workers, free lance writers and cricketers many Indian renowned heroes and heroines are using twitter to reach theirs fans and well wishers. According to twitter website 35 heads of state of different countries are also using the twitter medium to send their political ideology across the world. The religious leaders of major world religious are also preaching their doctrines and religious philosophy on twitter and are exchanging religious ideas with leaders of other religions..Dalailama and pope are on twitter

Twitter is also proving boon for shy and depressed type of children devoid of any deep social mix up or contact and leading a sedentary life style. These young teens are expressing their suppressed feelings and emotions in their tweets and are unlocking the deep withheld emotions and inhibitions within their sub conscious mind. Twitter is acting as safety valve for the release of their pent up feelings of aggression and violence.
Twitter is playing the major role of converting the whole universe or biosphere into one global village destroying the narrow boundaries of space, time, caste, religion, creed and narrow mindedness. It is spreading the message of humanity, human hood.and universal brotherhood. It is creating social awareness among people.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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