How The Mother-child And Lover-beloved #bonding Crucial For Selection Of Homoeopathic Medicine?

The most difficult and tedious task for the homoeopath is to select the exact similimum of the patient with the indicated remedy. The mother-child bonding or lover –beloved bonding can be of crucial value in finding the exact similimum.

There is strong bonding between mother and her offspring. In simple terms bonding is strong sense of love and affection. It is sense of belonging and attachment. There is love emotion behind motherly bonding. Love is one the strongest emotion of human life and mind that binds people together. It integrates the minds of people. Whatever integrates in universes is love

and whatever disintegrates the human minds is hatred and jealousy.

It is bare fact tha love bonding or level of bonding between mother and her offspring is not same in all the mothers. Neither it is same between lovers and beloveds. It differs from mother to mother and lover to lover. Many a factors like social, familial, Economic, psychological determine the bonding. The hormones especially the oxytocin plays determining role in the development of bonding between mother and hers son or daughter or between lovers and beloveds..

If one has enough understanding of human emotions and mind and has the ability to comprehend things in totality; than love bonding becomes a significant tool in deterring and selecting appropriate homoeopathic medicine. You might know the fact that homoeo medicines do not work the say way as conventional medicines work. Homoeo medicines are dynamic and energy oriented and are used in minute doses to arouse the deranged vital force to activity and curability. As against this notion of homoeopathy, the conventional medicines are crude or material substances that act on the physical body by suppressing the symptoms of diseases with their crude and toxic effects, in the pursuit of killing microorganisms these chemicals also kill the positive and friendly microorganisms of body healthy tissue and cells of body. What I want to demonstrate, and make you understand, chemotherapy is the good example of that fact. No doubt chemotherapy kills and destroys cancerous cells of tumor but in turn the body has to sacrifice a lot for its destructive action resulting in dangerous adverse effects in the form of loss of hair, constant nausea and vomiting and cachexia of the body.

Homoeo medicines profoundly and astoundingly affect the mind and its love making processes. Rather it is the only medicine in universe that has potential to transform the depressed and glooming mind into blooming and smiling mind. Homoeopathy can transform suicide tending mind into life loving mind. What a miracle it is really. And homoeopathy is only capable to doing such miracles. After seeing such cases of homoeopathy, why one sincere and knowledge seeking mind will not fall in love with homoeopathy and its principles. At least this happened with me when I cured myself and my family of long standing cases of diseases that were declared non curable by conventional medicine.
The most difficult task of homoeopath is to select the exact similimum for his prevailing diseased condition in the patient. It is really a Herculean task and needs highly developed mind to comprehend symptoms and industrious bent of mind. Perseverance of mind is a priori for homoeopathy to follow and practice. One should have sound knowledge of materia medica and human psyche and its behavior pattern.

The selection of homoeopathy medicine becomes very easy if one knows the bonding behavior and pattern between mother and sons and daughters and lovers and beloveds

.materia medica is rich in bonding relationship of humans. What are bonding forces in life? These are mainly positive emotions of life like love, affection, sympathy, empathy, attachment, compassion. The negative emotions of life are hatred, jealousy, revengefulness, frenzy, violence, aggressiveness, malice disintegration, possessiveness, egomania megalomania narcissism etc
There are three groups of minerals which exist in natural state and are most bonding in the whole universe. The medicines prepared from these groups are most “sensitive and emotional” group of medicines displaying love and hatred relationships vividly and comprehensively. If we see any person suffering from any ailment with strong boding of love and nurturing in his life, the choice of medicine can be limited to this group

• The muriaticums (the muriatic acid is representative remedy)

• The natriums( the main remedy of this group is Nat mur)

• The kaliums(the main remedy of this group is kali carb)

• The phosphoricums (the main and representative remedy of this group is phos)

The common threads running in the psyche of these four group remedies is strong “bonding of love” The bonding of love takes different form in different group. In muriaticums group the leading medicine of which is muriatic acid, the theme of “mother and brother” plays the pivotal role in the relationships. The person is so deeply and emotionally attached to his mother and brothers that he does not wish any break away from this relationship, even at the cost of harming his own economic interests or sacrificing his interest for the unification of family unity. In kaliums salts or group the bonding takes the form of caring and nurturing of family with occasional outburst of anger and outrageous attitude towards family. How to nourish and care the family? Is the central theme of kali salts? In phosphoricums group the bonding takes the form of “diffusion of bonding”. The bonding is not limited to any particular group or family or individual but the whole suffering humanity as a whole. That is why phosphorous is most sympathetic remedy of our materia medica. Phos not only feels for the anxiety and suffering of others but he he starts having suffering and anxiety.

In Nat Mur the bonding breaking the family bonds starts taking the form of “intense love relationship” between lover and beloved. The main theme of Nat Mur is tearfulness, grief and loneliness resulting in depression and pessimism. “Brooding of love relationship” is main compelling and guiding psyche of Nat Mur individuals. He is very clinging to the loved or attached to the person he loves or to the event .He constantly dwells on his or her past grief events and sceneries. He repeatedly recalls and recollects them in her memory with sobbing tears in her eyes in loneliness. “Lover and beloved relationship, “Being most vulnerable of all the human relationships can easily turn sour and turn into hatred and revenge. In Nat Mur when relationship is broken the pendulum of love goes to the other extreme of hatred and resentfulness. He is so stricken with grief now that even he can not weep to give vent to his or her pent up feelings.

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