How Radio Active Pollution Is Potential Danger To Bio- Life And Human Health

Radio activity is mainly water borne pollution which has the potential to cause mutation of human genes and eventually cancer and death of humans
The bio diversity is unique feature of mother earth. All animal life is related to each other through web chains and food chains. The three major pollutants pertaining to water, air, and earth are posing extinction danger to all bio diversity of the biosphere. The pollutants are causing serious diseases and posing great health problems. Think for a moment if the air is polluted and oxygen of air is depleted, can any animal live on

this earth? We can live without food for many days but can not live without oxygen even for seconds. Now you imagine yourself. How essential air is for our daily life and survival.
High doses of traditional pollutions can cause immediate death low and slow pollution of radiators causes cancer and other life threatening diseases


Radiations are main factor and cause of mutations of human DNA, chromosomes and genes. Mutations are spontaneous and mostly harmful. Traditional pollution does not pose danger for the present generation of human b beings only but for future generation of human beings also. We know the repercussions of atomic bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Many chromosomal and DNA abnormalities and lot of neurological problems are still being observed in children born after this catastrophe in Japan.
Radioactivity is a phenomenon of spontaneous disintegration and emission of protons, neutrons, electrons and gamma rays as a result of disintegration of atomic nuclei of some radio active elements. Source of radioactivity pollution are of two kinds


Man made

Cosmic rays and radio active substances such as radium, uranium, thorium and radon etc present in earth crust emit spontaneous radiations. The man made pollutants are nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear power plants and use of radio active isotopes like c--- 14, I-- 125, P-- 32 etc. wastewaters containing these isotopes concentrate in microorganisms which through food chain ultimately reach human

body. Radio active waste contains radio active material. Radioactive wastes are usually by products of nuclear power generation and other applications of nuclear fission Radioactive waste is hazardous to human health and the environment, and. whole bio life and bio diversity..

Mutations and mutagens

The radio active substances are great inducers of mutations .sudden and spontaneous change in the structure of chromosome or gene is called mutation. These changes were first observed by Seth Wright in 1791 in his short legged sheep. Hugo De Vries saw these changes in evening primrose and called these changes by the name mutations. Scientific studies of mutations were started in 1909 by Morgan. Morgan discovered gene mutations in fruit fly Drosophila. He experimentally showed that any change in base pair of any segment of DNAwill change the code and now it will code for different amino acid thus altering the basic nature and structure of gene. So radio active substances are great mutagens.
Besides radio active substances the other potential mutagens are: X rays, gamma rays. Ultra violet rays. The repeated exposure of human body to x rays is very harmful and it should be avoided as far as possible.

punjab waters and   uranium  pollution

The latest discovery of uranium pollution is in the drinking waters of Punjab. Uranium pollution is found in underground water of Bhatinda district of Punjab. Here it has crossed the safety limits of water as lay down by world health organization. Even in the food articles and dairy products and milk it has been found to be much higher beyond the safe limits. Uranium radioactivity is becoming major health hazards in Punjab and already has claimed my precious lives of people. It is proper time for the custodians of law to awaken from slumber and take remedial actions in this direction.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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