How Spider Poisons Are Proving Boon To Mankind And Modern Man?

The two spiders namely latrodectus Mac and tarantula hisp have potential to cure most of the nervous and hysterical phenomena of modern man from which he is afflicted today.

Like snake world. Spiders have their own world and peculiarities. There are over 40.000 species of spiders all over the world. Like snakes all spiders are not venomous and dangerous. Only some of the spiders are highly dangerous and their poison is highly toxic.

Spider is tiny creature having eight legs or four paired legs. All spiders belong to arachnida family. Spiders are encountered in mythology, religion, history, literature and art.

Spiders occupy significant place in homoeopathic materia medica. Some of the known spiders with well defined pathogenic symptoms are listed below.
Aranea diadema
Latrodectus Mac
Tarentula hisp
Tarentula cubensis
Mygale lasiodora.
Arachnida is divided into three main classes
Latrodectus Mac belonging to America and Australia and known as “black widow spider” in common parlance is highly toxic and venomous. The bite of this spider may prove fatal and may cause death of the victim instantly. It especially acts on the heart muscles causing rapid heart attack like symptoms. The other highly known poisonous spider is Tarentula. Its bite produces special kind of syndrome called “tarantism” .Tarantula’s bite produces very neurotic and hysterical symptoms. The tension and anxiety produced in the nervous system of the victim is only relieved by dancing and music. The symptoms of tarantism are varied and are displayed on every part of the human body. The whole nervous system becomes tense like an expanded spring. Various vague sharp pains, prickling, swellings, palpitation, vomiting and delirium are followed by severe kind of melancholia and depression. No drug can cue these nervous and hysterical symptoms except continued dancing and music playing. The high pitched beat bhangra music is highly soothsome to the victim. It relaxes the wound up nervous system of all tension and anxiety.

Homoeopathy is unique system of medicine in converting most dangerous poisons into friendly and life saving drugs. The advocates of

conventional medicine and debunking homoeopathy as mere” water or placebo” will never realize the real amazing curative power and value of these tiny pills. Homoeopathy tames the most potent poison into curative agent of immense value by way of potentisation or dynamisation by applying “law of infinitesimals”. According to this law more the poison is diluted the more potent and powerful it becomes. Only crude poison is toxic highly diluted poison becomes safe and reliable friend to combat disease conditions. The highly diluted medicine of homoeopathy prepared from spider poison does not contain even single molecule of its toxic poisons, hence very safe and effective

When carefully selected and applied to sickness, the snake and spider poisons can be applied to variety of human diseases mainly diseases of circulatory, excretory, respiratory, nervous systems. The guiding principle in applying these poisons to human illness is only “similimum” of poison and symptoms of sick person. The homoeopath diligently selects the exact “similimum” of the sick person displayed by symptoms of sickness with the corresponding medicine. The photo copy and original copy must match in every respect for successful prescription. Many of the modern age ills mainly of nervous and psychological origin are beautifully yielding to spider poisons. Medicines prepared from spider poisons are proving a very effective tool in the hands of homoeopaths to combat sickness in effective manner.

The spiders are really a special gift of nature or boon to mankind but only when one knows how to apply this poison homeopathically? The tarentula is especially very curative to the “aggressive sexual behavior” and other “behavioral disorders” of child hood and teenagers exhibiting high sense of sexuality, Erotomania, aggression, alcoholism and dancing mania. “Perverted sexuality” is keynote for the prescription of tarentula hisp.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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