How To Widen Your Social Base With Twitter?

 The concept of micro blogging provieds us added opportunities to widen our social base and  structural build up of organisations. see how ?

Blogging and micro Blogging are latest concepts in the realm of internet and literature. Man has two identities. One is his individual identity or personality. The other is social identity. These two identities work in close cohesions and complete harmony and are complementary to each other. Man is social being. He has to interact with fellows for achieving success in life. He can not live in isolation. The success of today’s person depends on how wider is

social base? People adopt different strategies to widen their social relationship so that they may be able to earn more .It is the mathematical rule more wide spread the social base or customary base the more is the earning potential. To produce the product is one thing but to make it reach in maximum hands is all the more significant. Managers of companies are spreading huge sums of money on advertisements with the only purpose and psychology of attracting maximum customers for their products.

Twitter offers this opportunity free of cost. Twitter is micro Blogging in which you can send short messages of your products. Yu can find new customer base by way of twitter. It is wonderful means of traffic generation. Your ideas on twitter spread like wildfire. These travel to lacs of people

within seconds. How successful and cost effective it is really! Everyone from businessmen to celebrities is exploiting the huge potential of twitter for their own ends. Twitter is fastest growing networking site on internet. It is estimated that twitter has more than eight million accounts or users. For what you is waiting for.? Open an account on twitter which is very simple and leave the first twitter to make you known to the world community. Update your tweets to world community

. Rise to occasion and make friends with like minded people and like minded business partner’s twitter has multitude of uses. You can promote your bushiness, articles and blogs on twitter. It offers you huge opportunities to widen your social base and social links. The beauty of twitter is that you can have access to any kind of information on different aspects of life and different subjects. Twitter is also good source to interact with like minded people and develop our personality. Twitter is marvelous means to display your ideas and predicts in minimum words to maximum people. Twitter also provides opportunity for direct messaging between friends who follow each other. Twitter is really proving boon to inverted people who are addicted to the narrow boundaries of their self with strong inhibitions of opposite sex, people and organizations.

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