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LDL (Low density lipo protein) is considered greatest health hazard and enemy of the health of heart equally by physicians and dieticians. Keep your cholesterol under control, check, and vigilance as it is precursor of many fatal heart and vascular diseases

The two potential risk factors that are implicated with occurrence of strokes are:
Lethargic, passive, lazy life, full of stress and anxiety

Fat rich diet having high cholesterol and saturated fats.

Stroke is a medical emergency which demands immediate attention, care, and management of the patient by the attending physician. Even a minor delay of seconds on part of

patient or physician, may cost the life of the patient. The stroke which is also called brain attack occurs when blood circulation to a part of a brain is interrupted for short duration or is completely obstructed or blockaded. This may cause the death of the effected neurons of the brain, because neuron needs constant supply of oxygen and other nutrients for their survival. Neuron is the cell which dies instantly if oxygen is obstructed even for short time. A stroke most commonly results from blockade of blood supply in a artery in the brain. Such type of brain attacks is called “ischemic strokes”. When an artery in brain gets ruptured this type of strokes is called “haemorrhagic strokes” or simply “brain hemorrhage” as the people call it. The people with long standing uncontrolled/ unmonitored or poorly controlled hypertension, high level of cholesterol in the blood stream, saturated fat eaters, and obsessive smokers are at an increased risk
to brain strokes. Brain stroke is generally a disease of aged people but it may happen to any age group. The direct injury to brain in accidents and incidentally rupture of an artery may also cause brain haemorrhage .The patient may go to in to stupor or coma.

The symptom of the brain hemorrhage or ischemic stroke in the brain, depend upon the region and location of the brain affected by blockade or rupture of the artery. The symptoms are generally of an emergency nature. The following symptom should be taken note of seriously to prevent further damage to brain and nervous system.

Sudden coma accompanied by one sided complete paralysis

Automatic and involuntary movements of extremities or head.

Sudden severe headache with vomiting with no apparent no other cause known

Sudden epistaxis from nose without any cause

Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes or trouble with vision or obscured vision

Loss of coordination of legs while walking or staggering walk, or stumbling walking, with dizziness

Sudden difficulty in speaking or inability to utter words or stammering speech which Otherwise was not present previously

Arms and legs feeling as if going to sleep with numbness

Delusion as if he has no arms or legs

Wavering sensation in brain.


Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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