Is Mental Sickness "diagnosable Brain Disease"?

Mental illness is entirely different from brain disease. To equate or reduce mental sickness to bran disease is new trend in medicine and psychology. See how?

It is totally ill conceived misconception to perceive mental sickness as brain diseases. Mind and brain are not same. They differ in content and form level. Brain is physical organ of human body and comes in the purview of nervous system. Mind is purely formless and colorless psychic entity. It resides within the body but itself is not material body. It is beyond the domain of matter. It is subtle body. The confusing of mind

with brain gives birth to too many misconceptions
There is growing trend to treat mental diseases as brain diseases or product of brain’s chemical imbalances. A 1999 White House Conference on Mental Health concluded with the following note: “Research in the last decade proves that mental illnesses are diagnosable disorders of the brain.” President William Clinton went on to say “Mental illness can be accurately diagnosed, successfully treated, and just as physical illness.” These two utterances from dignitaries speak of tip of the iceberg thinking that prevails in society about mental diseases as brain or physical diseases.

The mental illness may be defined as the altered or perverted state of one’s emotions, feelings, thinking process, and mood etc and subsequently behavior. Some diseases like hysteria and neurosis have no physical basis at all. They originate in the mind but their expression is on the physical plane in the form of cramps or pains. No lab test or diagnosis can trace any chemical imbalance or pathological lesion whatsoever it is. All lab tests and decreeing techniques will show normal pathology in such cases. Still sometimes these hysterical attacks like arresting of breath are of various grave and serious natures. Psychosomatic origin of diseases and disease condition demand no introduction.

To consider mental sickness as extension of body disease or reduce it to the level of physical ailment is not altogether a new idea of sickness and medicine. In the past history of mankind such ideas were floated and subsequently died. The contention to treat mental illness as brain disease and psychiatry to be the branch of medicine and healing is old one.primariy psychiatry is not medicine. Its aim and purpose is not medicine prescription but it is tragedy that now such ideas are prevailing dominantly. There was once wide spread idea of the humoral imabalance of human body. This hypothesis was based on the notion that deficiency of certain fluids in body causes disease and it was propounded by gales. The parallel of modern “chemical imbalances” can be traced to this centuries old ill conceived hypothesis of “humoral imbalances”.

Now it is dominant trend to consider mental diseases as physical diseases and treat them accordingly with same medications as the physical ailments. Such views that claim “mental diseases as diagnosable disorders of the brain or nervous system” are the corollary of the materialistic thinking reducing mind to brain or to treat mind as extension of brain. Huxley treated mind as by product of brain and nervous system. Mind is not process of nervous system or extensions of nervous system. It is an independent entity that works with deep cohesion and co operating of nervous system. It

co ordinates all body functions.

In some intellectual medical circles it is firmly endorsed view that mental sickness can be reduced to brain disfunctioning or disorganization of brain. The brain chemical imbalance theory rests on this notion of hypothesis that instead of psychological treatment and analysis of mind there emerged psychiatric practices aimed at curing the sickness with prescriptions and drugs. There is hardly seen or analyzed any psychological analysis of mental sickness or its origin in childhood repressions and experiences. The reliance is more and more on drugs to correct the mental illnesses. The emergence of such demoniac psychiatric trend in medicine is the result of more emphasis on none psychotically means as medium to treat mental illness.

The beginning of new psychiatric era based on prescription drugs can be traced to the introduction of the anti depressant drug Prozac. The wonder drug Prozac was introduced in market in 1987. It brought revolution in the medical world of clinical psychology and psychiatry and was heavily and wrongly prescribed for even minor mental illness ailment. It swayed the medical world by its magic. It proved panacea for every kind of mental illness and was prscribed routinely. It played the same role in psychiatry as penicillin did as anti biotic on the physical plane.. Prozac was extensively promoted as corrector of brain imbalance of serotonin. Prozac and Serotonin spearheaded the new revolution as did the penicillin. Anti depressants are often prescribed drugs over the counter all over the world. U.S.A is leading in the consumption of Prozac all over the world. In spite of heavy and mighty prescription of anti depressant drugs there is epidemic of mental sickness world wide especially in America. More and more people are becoming victims of mental illness with every passing day.

People are being brainwashed and conditioned to believe that their mental and emotional problems can be solved by drugs. What an anti psychiatric idea it is! There is heavy and boundless consumption and sale of anti depressants and tranquilizer drugs. People are heavily depending on these drugs. Drug dependence of people is increasing to an alarming degree .There are no documents available to show and demonstrate that mental illness is caused by imbalances of chemicals produced in brain. On the other hand there is long history of documented cases of mental illness cured by psychoanalysis starting from Freud the father of psychoanalysis up to modern era.

The predisposition to reason, logic and matter of human beings as a race is floating such baseless hypotheses which in the course of human history will prove wrong and disastrous for human beings. To treat the mental diseases exclusively to diagnosable diseases of laboratory or chemical imbalances of brain is sheer insanity in psychiatry and medicine. It is pity the new man is limiting itself to domain of material activity and material plane of consciousness. Mind is definitely higher plane of human consciousness than matter. Higher than mind is self or atma.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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