Neuroendocrine Tumor Of Pancreas And Jobs Death—some Conclusions

The untimely death of stive jobs has shaken the whole world. He died of Neuroendocine carcinoma of pancras at the agae of 56 even after liver transplant and chemotherapy.

Steve jobs, the genius visionary and pioneer of innovations in computing, who was suffering from neuroendocrine tumor of pancreas died recently at the age of 56. He was diagnosed suffering from pancreatic cancer by a scan report and was confirmed by his biopsy report. When the attending physician saw the tumor cells under the microscope he started weeping as it was a rare carcinoma of pancreas, almost incurable. Jobs’s neuroendocrine tumor of

pancreas was very rare type of pancreatic cancer which is almost incurable even after surgery. Steve jobs was caught unaware of this fatal cancer in 2004 and it was fully developed and in full blown stage when it was diagnosed. Jobs admitted publicly in his address to Stanford University in 2005 “I did not know even what a pancreas was” That happens with everyone what happened with Steve, as pancreatic cancer is very asymptomatic in its early manifestations An autopsy analysis of the pancreas in people who died from unrelated causes discovered a remarkably high incidence of tiny asymptomatic tumors

Pancreas gland.

The pancreas is an organ that lies deep in the abdomen viscera, and is an integral part of both the digestive and endocrine system. Pancreas is only gland of b body which is both exocrine as well as endocrine in nature. It secretes hormones to regulate the body and also digestive enzymes to break down food. It helps in various metabolisms of body functions.

Neuroendocrine tumors
NETs are believed to arise from various neuroendocrine cells these cells are of endocrine as well as nervous cell origin. Neuroendocrine commonly called NETs. These are neoplasm’s that arise from cells of the endocrine (hormonal) and nervous system. The cells of these neoplasms have characteristic features, such as looking similar, having special secretory granules and often producing biogenic amines and polypeptide hormones. The occurrence and prevalence has been estimated as 35 per 100,000 persons. histologically , NETs are characteristically "small blue cell tumors," showing uniform cells which have a round to oval stippled nucleus and scant, pink granular cytoplasm


and carcinoma

Pancreas produces two kinds of carcinomas

Adenocarcinoma----common type

Neuro-endocrine carcinomas---rare type


Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors can originate within the pancreas structure or from similar neuroendocrine cells outside of the pancreas. Exocrine tumors are the majority of pancreatic cancers, and the most common form of these tumors is called Adenocarcinoma, which begin in gland cells, usually in the ducts of the pancreas It is still unclear whether pancreatic tumors originate from the usual cells of the islet of langerhans or from diffuse neuroendocrine pluripotent cells .PNETs are quite distinct from the usual form of pancreatic cancer,, Adenocarcinoma, which arise in the exocrine portion of pancreas. About 95 percent or more of pancreatic tumors are Adenocarcinoma in nature. Only 1 or 2% of clinically significant pancreas neoplasms are GEP-NETs.
Image techniques

Modern highly sophisticated techniques such as CT-scan, MRIs, Ultrasound (sonography) and endoscope are the most common diagnostic tools. CT scan using contrast medium can detect over 95%of tumors over 3cm in size but not generally tumors undersized 3cms. If one finds any iota of symptoms concerning pancreas than prompt help of these techniques should be taken to detect the carcinoma as early as possible.

It is reported that Steve jobs undertook his chemotherapy sessions at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California and radiation therapy at Switzerland. Steve undergone liver transplant in 2009.some enlightened people’s observations and convictions about the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and traditional therapy have been apply proved by the death of jobs. These unnatural and anti immune therapies hastened his end and reduced him to a Skelton. There are more risks involved in these therapies than health benefits. The natural conclusion from the death of jobs from pancreatic cancer even after strong session of these therapies is that we should search for alternative therapies for combating cancer. In this regards homoeopathy is very effective to treat and cure cancer patients without dangerous side and adverse effects of chemo –therapies.

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