#pancreatic Cancer Robbed The World Of Two Geniuses And Innovators #steve And Steinman

The untimely sad and tragic deaths of Steve and Steinman by pancreatic cancer had caused irreparable loss to human resource. The attention of world fraternity has once again focused on fatality and lethality of pancreatic cancer.

The pancreatic cancer has claimed two great visionary and geniuses whose innovations and inventions in the filed of computing and medicine will play a far reaching effects on history and future of mankind. Both died of battling for long time with deadliest disease cancer of pancreas. Jobs was diagnosed suffering from neuroendocrine carcinoma of pancreas, a rare type of cancer. Jobs died recently fighting

with cancer to his last breath. Noble prize winner in medicine for 2011 Mr. Ralph M. Steinman also died on 30 Sep 2011 fighting and struggling with deadly cancer of pancreas. Steinman was awarded noble prize for his research and discovery of the “dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity"

Pancreatic cancer is one of the less frequent yet one of the deadliest types of cancers due to its late diagnostic and being asymptomatic in its early manifestations. Pancreatic cancer is leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. It is only lagging behind breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer causing huge loss of human lives. After its initial diagnosis and detection, only five percent people live more than five years

The pancreas belongs to endocrine system of human body. This gland is both exocrine and endocrine in nature. It does the dual function of production of digestive enzymes and hormones in the human body. Pancreas plays significant role in digestion of foods, metabolism and assimilation processes of body. However the main feature of this gland is the production of insulin for controlling blood sugar. It regulates the amount of glucose in the blood by sending insulin into blood stream. The deficiency of insulin produces the diabetes in humans

One characteristic feature of pancreatic cancer is that when it is diagnosed or detected it had already made secondaries in liver or metastasized to liver vial blood stream. Its other neighboring organ invading and devastating capability is very sharp

and quick. Scientists are busy in finding its exact causes. Heavy alcohol intake and diets rich in animal fats and smoking are cited as its causes. But these are only speculations or vague ideas not confirmed by data. Malignancy is hardening and prolifecation of normal cells in abnormal uncontrollable fashion. The tumor cells become very induarted and stony hard. All their elasticity is gone.

After seeing a few deaths by pancreatic cancer and analyzing the data I am of the firm opinion that long standing grief, resentment, embitterment of mind is the real culprit behind this physical phenomenon. The long standing suppressed embitterment and hardened mind structure finds its expression gradually on the panaceas gland by making it rock like hard. Steve jobs aggressive and resentful life style speaks volumes what I mean.

Surgery and chemotherapy is no solution to pancreatic cancer. Rather it makes the matters worse. It has very dangerous adverse effects on body by weakening the immune system and hastening the process of degeneration. On characteristic symptom from which it can be easily and earlier identified is the excruciating agonizing pain felt in the back localized to a spot, strongly ameliorated by leaning against something hard like wall or chair back. If someone is repeatedly or periodically suffers from such type of backache along with loss of body weight and loss of hunger than the confirmation for pancreatic cancer is doubly ensured. In such a case one should immediately resort to imaging techniques like CT scan and sonography. For further confirmation the biopsy must be undertaken to examine the pancreatic cells under microscope

There are number of medicines in homoeopathy arsenal to fight against pancreatic cancer. Oxalic acid is one such medicine which is very efficient to alleviate the deadly pain of cancer which sometimes is not ameliorated even by strong doses of opiates. Tarentula cubensis is another medicine to ease the deadly pains accompanied by last phase of pancreatic cancer..

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