Primary Cancer And Metastatic Cancer

Screen the cancer in its primary stage. In the secondary or metastatic stage the survival rate is very dim

Screen the cancer in its primary stage. In the secondary or metastatic stage the survival rate is very dim
CPU is the term related with cancer. Its full form is cancer of unknown primary origin cancer has two kinds. One is called primary cancer and the second is called secondary cancer or secondaries. It is in the nature of cancer not to be limited to its area of growth. One great characteristic of cancer is that it is not sedentary at all. Sooner or later it has to move. It has to proliferate. It has to grow and

develop. So long as it is limited to its primary stage there is no imminent dagger and chances of cure are very bright and hopeful. After the initial proliferation stage when cancerous cells start spreading into the surrounding areas and in the body than the chances of recovery become very dim or nil. The spreading of the cancer cells from its primary stage to secondary stage is by the route of lymph o blood. The process of spreading of cancer from its primary stage or from its original organ to secondary stage or other body organs distant from primary infecting site is called metastasis. Metastasized cancer is more dreadful and risky than primary cancer. The cancer explodes like volcanic violence and aggression in secondaries with its full virulent force causing destruction of normal healthy tissues. From here onwards the prognosis of cancer is very bad and hopeless.
Sometimes in spite of the most meticulously employed skill it becomes very difficult to locate the primary site on the cancer. The screening tests utterly fail to locate and find the primary location of infection. It is estimated that 3% of all cancers are of unknown primary origin Studies have shown that, if simple questioning and investigation of patient, does not reveal the cancer's source than the screening also fails to locate the cancer. If there is cough up blood then there is every probability of lung cancer, if there is persistent or
intermittent discharge of blood through urine than there is strong probability of cancer of the kidney or bladder. It is also possible that primary tumor may reveal itself at later stages. The imaging and screening techniques are of much help to find out primary cancer. The primary cancers are never painful. It is the secondary cancer that is source of much trouble and agony. It is also fact that the victims may not be aware of their primary cancer for long. It remains in dormant or rudimentary stage for long. It may be called its hibernation period. When it comes to the fore or the victims realizes its severity then it is too far or long. Sooner the cancerous cells are recognized or screened the better it is. When primary cancer is screened at an early date than its prognosis is very favorable. The cancerous cells are just like the treacherous, hypocrite selfish friend for whom it is not easy to recognize. It is in the nature of primary cancer to dodge the victim with all sorts of vague pains and fabricated symptoms. Caner cells may masquerade as other pains for long time. The pancreas cancer is so elusive that it is only recognized in the secondaries in the liver when all damage had been done. No hope even for its operation. Breast cancer may also elude for long for simple hard infiltration of the tissues that does not ache at all. When any injury to tissue is done by way of trauma; never take is simple and easy. There is every possibility that one day it will grow into cancerous tissue. Women generally ignore such traumas and injuries to their beast. Any running objects or suddenly blows to breast tissue, pancreas tissue or testes may flare up cancer in the future with its hardened base. There is an old valuable saying “nip the evil in the bud.” So early you recognize the tumor, the better it is and favorable its prognosis.

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