Thyroidinum-- Panacea For Ailments Of New Born Babies. How?

Thyroid gland is the significant endocrine gland of human body situated at the front of the neck or throat and overlying the trachea. The thyroid gland regulates many metabolic processes of human body, including growth, development and energy consumption. The over activity of this endocrine gland of immense value is called hyperthyroidism and under activity is referred as hypothyroidism Common causes of thyroid disorders are Hashimoto's disease and Graves' disease

Its role in metabolic processes of human body is really amazing. The thyroid gland secretes its hormone thyroxin into the blood stream. Its daily quantity needed and required by the

body is in minute quantity. Its hyper and low secretions cause many ailments
It meets the many diseases of new born and childhood. The primary diseases on which it has demonstrated its curative effect are listed below

Incessant vomiting of new born

Fits, spasm and convulsion of new born

Allergy of new born

Diarrhoeal problem of dentition period

Infantile marasmus

Metabolic imbalances leading to marasmus and malnutrition

Assimilatory problems of new born babies

Assimilation and vomiting problem

Lack of assimilation of milk and its constituent particles subsequent leading to vomiting is a main problem of new born baby. Due to this metabolic defect some babies suffer incessant vomiting immediately after birth .and this type of vomiting does not yield to any chemical medication. This child only needs one minute dose of Thyroidinum 1M to correct its metabolic defects. You will wonder after its tiny dose which the skeptics call water or placebo, the vomiting will disappear in a magic way and the baby will start digesting milk , assimilating its valuable constituents like iron , calcium and phosphorous . I have cured and restore to health the chronic vomiting of such babies with a single dose of this medicine

Allergy problems

Thyroidinum in energy form is a wonderful ant allergy medicine not only for new born babies but for teen aged and youngsters also. If it’s employed constitutionally keeping in account the whole constitution make up

of the child it has the potential to wipe out he major ailments of the child. It is a chilly and cold medicine and the subject requiring this medicine requires a lot of clotting and suffers from cold and icy winds. The feet of baby are apt to be cold rather icy cold with lot of perspiration around the forehead while asleep. The baby has also craving for sweet things and boiled eggs . Here it equally competes for calc carb as a constitutional remedy. Give such a boy one dose of calc carb CM and never repeat it till all its curative action is exhausted. If even after this dose the problem still persists or is only palliated than the child needs one dose of Thyroidinum 10 M


Marasmus of new born babies is caused by malnutrition and malabsorption. This faulty metabolism causes many digestive problems of the babies. Whatever the baby eats or drinks he vomits it immediately or suffers from Diarrhoeal problems going weak day by day , such babies also needs one dose on Thyroidinum in high potency to tone up the assimilatory process

Thyroidinum is an excellent energy medicine prepared from nosode for allergically hysterically and emotionally disturbed vasomotor constitutions.. It meets the diverse diseases of pertaining to three evolutionary and developmental stages of human life i.e. childhood, puberty and menopause and old age. It acts favouravally and magically on the nervous constitution. It has the potential to tone up the nervous system in a magical way. It is also good for those constitutions which are habitually deficient in animal heat and subsequently suffer from many diseases caused by cold chilly winds

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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