#twitter-age And Our Daily Life

We may admit or not twitter has started shaping and Moulding our ideology and life pattern exerting powerful influence on our minds. For mentally depressed and psychotic children, it is working as the therapist or psychiatrist allowing free expression to their suppressed personality and emotions.

Watching and analyzing the significance of Twitter in our daily life, this tech age may rightly be called “Twitter-age”. Technology has changed and replaced all the old means of communications, eventually changing the life pattern, life –values, life –style of people. Our view point about life and life phenomena has drastically undergone changes. Even

our faiths and inspirations have also changed. It is known fact when economic means of production change, the whole super structure based on or built on these means also changes. Computer and internet are the representatives of this new age technology. Now the person who does not know how to operate computer and internet may rightly be called illiterate .computer education has been introduced in school and college curriculum. The new age children are well versed in the usage of new internet techniques of communications. Rather they have started misusing these in a big way. Tech techniques have changed the ways of learning, practicing and preaching. Twitter has emerged as the main social media means of communication among all people pertaining to different categories and walks of life.
It has made inroads and a solid ground among children, parents, teenagers, adolescents, businessman, celebrities, and educated persons. The fair sex is not lagging behind in using this new mode of communication. In a survey conducted recently it has been shown that women use the twitter social media more than their counterpart’s men to remain connected with friends and family. Now it is difficult to imagine a life without Twitter. Twitter has gained so popularity among people that it has emerged as the frontrunner public social media for connecting and sharing emotions and thoughts with friends. From
arranging our social calendars and social programmes to keeping up-to-date on the latest happenings and events in our surroundings and world environment, and indeed the whole world, we are becoming more and more reliant on social media to “get our message out there!” Twitter has started shaping the lives, life styles and thinking processes of people.

It is exerting tremendous and incalculable influence on our daily life and thinking processes. Political thinkers, social thinkers, political leaders, media writers, freelance writers, celebrities , business professionals , dignitaries , all have stared leaving their tweets(texted messages)on the internet to send their messages to their followers and well wishers. Twitter is becoming the most efficient and cost effective means of social media to spread one’s ideas, dreams, mission, messages and convey feelings, among people. You can put a question on twitter and get feed back and comments from your well wishers and people in no time.

For neurotic and obsessed people twitter is turning out to be” oxygen” and they can not live without twitter even for seconds. For enthusiastic and passionate lovers twitter is becoming rendezvous to express their feelings and emotions for their beloveds. For kids it is creating curiosity to send and receive messages instantly. For psychologically depressed and suppressed children it is a good medium to give vent to their pent up feelings. It is acting as “safety valve” for their accumulated anger and suppression thus preventing their collapse and helping them to remain in their senses. For socially “isolated people” it is providing great opportunity to meet fellows and people in a different style and way which otherwise is impossible for them. It is preventing neurotic and mental diseases in new generation in a big way. For such people it is working as therapist or psychiatrist

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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