Twitter To Turn Future World Research-center . How?

In the coming years twitter’s relevance to society will be so tremendous that it will act as the central world University for conducting research.

One day twitter will become global research Center University. The researchers, sociologists, social activists, scientists have started exploring of this very peculiar potential of twitter. Twitter has played major role for the world to unite and become single global village. It has intensified the process of globalization. Now people are interconnected with each other via internet. Now when any event happens anywhere in universe it is instantly flashed on twitter by its users. The news or particular

event spreads more speedily by “twitter trending” than even by broadcasting channels. Twitter has become the integral part of people’s live in many ways. More and more people are using twitter as their social net working website.
In the coming future, the new research studies and social surveys would be conducted via twitter. The present day research methodologies will become obsolete in the face of twitter research. The ground work in this direction has already been completed. Recently many health survey, social survey and researches have been conducted and analyzed via twitter. People’s attitudes towards “flue vaccination” were known via twitter. The tweets were collected and analyzed containing HINI vaccination related tweets between August 2009 and Jan. 2010. According to data provided by twitter the vaccination rates were highest in America and people had most negative attitudes toward the flu vaccine in the beginning when it was first introduced, It was also revealed through twitter research that many people use antibiotics for viral diseases; although antibiotics have no effect on viral diseases. The sociologists have started to turning to twitter to know “mood swings of people” In one such twitter survey it was revealed that people seem to be happiest early in the morning, and they get increasingly negative and irritable as the day wears on. However, the world's positivity peaked at midnight. Homeopathically, we can derive and infer from such observations that people’ psyche is turning more and more “Medorrhinum type” the Medorrhinum psyche is night oriented. The moods of Medorrhinum people are elated and exihilarious during
night and become depressed as the day dawns or during day.
Twitter will provide raw material in the form of tweets released by different communities, countries, regions and people. This type of research would be more wide distributed, more scientific and reliable as the information released on twitter is voluntary and without any pressures and pulls. New health, medicine, trade, market trends would be known through twitter. The attitudes and aptitudes of world community will get expressed through twitter. This will open new vistas in the history of research.. This type of research will have many advantageous over the conventional research conducted through a limited group of particular regions and people. It will not suffer from bottlenecks and flaws of present day research. Its relevance and validly will hold more ground than present day university research. Scientists will openly exchange their view points on issues with their fellows residing in different localities of world. It will be open discussion and any one will be able to participate in this discussion and express his / her opinions. Twitter is going to be turning point in the field of social and medical research. It will be possible to know the trends and aptitudes of people about certain burning issues and problems facing world community.
Public-health initiatives will be introduced by knowing results of twitter. It will be good online platform to know the opinion and options of people on certain sensitive issue concerning world community. Such types of online survey and researches will be cost effective also. Twitter is going to provide Plateform for research oriented people to conduct their research online via tweets. It will become research center of information regarding any subject or problems concerning people’s life. Future researches and movements will be conducted via tweets. I have no doubt that in future all the major universities of world will be connected to twitter and twitter will act as the central university to co ordinate the research activities of all universities of world.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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