What Is Procrastinational Malignancy And How To Cure It In Life?

procrasinating is postponing tendency of human mind to tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. why it halppens and how to cure it ?

procrasinating is postponing tendency of human mind to tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. why it halppens and how to cure it ?

Procrastinating is strange and bizarre attitude and aptitude of human mind to postpone things, not to execute the plans and projects instantly and to day. Normally you can find some element of procrastinating with the psyche of almost every person. What when it becomes one’s way of life, when it becomes one’s life style of executing things, when it starts overwhelming the psyche and personality of the person concerned than it becomes very serious and devastating thing. The tendency

of procrastinating is fraught with dangers.

The tendency to procrastinate things or pre depositional procrastinating is a serious mental illness. Lol! We never take it as sickness. We are only tuned and programmed to physical sickness. Mental sicknesses are more devastating than physical sickness. It may kill one’s personality to nothingness and voidness.and may also constrict his sphere of life. It may greatly crush one’s ambitions and successes in life. It should be taken as prelude to failure and depression. It may also be prelude of the self condemnation and worthlessness of the concerned person. It is an avoidance mechanism in which the concerned starts avoiding doing even the simplest works assigned to him or her. The meager work seems to be tons of loads on his mind and the mind starts collapsing under the work weight. The person starts avoiding and shirking every responsibility of life.
Procrastination happens in two ways .either the person does not take a new initiative at all and he starts fearing new accomplishments in life or the idea to do something flashes in mind but the motivating force is so meager that it dies instantly without accomplishing anything tangible.. He postpones it saying “I will do it sometime or someday.” and no surprise that sometime and someday never occurs. It is the result of lack of will power, lack of self confidence, lack of imitative, lack of motivation all combined to produce the most obnoxious effect..

Will power and self confidence are pillars of human mind and personality. Such person lacks will power to undertake anything concrete in life .In the absence of these traits the person is really zero type personality. He is mental wreck. He never realizes his mental adequacies and disabilities and with fine defense mechanism of procrastination puts it off to tomorrow or some other day or occasion.

The first

step in the realization and understanding of reasons behind procrastination tendency is to understand the composition of human psyche. When the negative or evil elements of human psyche like negative and pessimistic attitude to life stars dominating the positive elements the person starts procrastinating. Every person may get different reasons depending on his mental make up. We one puts off things and execution of plans to another day? The simple and vivid answer may be laziness and lethargy. Again the same question why this laziness? The procrastinating is accumulated toxicity acquired through miasm or heredity. Miasm in simple language is pre disposition or vulnerability of mind to get effected easily and in most devastating way.

All the morbid poisons tend to weaken the strength of mind. Mind is the real citadel of strength. The chemicals we take in form of drugs ultimately tend to hurt and injure the strength of mind as a residual effect. Every time we take recourse to antibiotics or sedatives our moral strength of mind gets weakened.

The addicted persons have zero will power and zero confidence. The very word addiction speaks of the inability of mind to control processes of life. Addiction is gradual succumbing of human mind to powerful and toxic effects of the drugs, alcohol or another such things etc. procrastination takes its birth from this succumbing of human mind to environmental stimuli. Many people will advise you to change your attitude of life. It is easier said than done. Attitude is essence of one’s personality. It is not so easy to change its natural course. Neither should we do it. The forced changing of pre dispositions of one‘s mind is just like to get the water flow from low to high side. It is absolutely impossible. We can modify our attitudes of life but not change them altogether.

If you are suffering from this inadequacy and malignancy of mind please don’t be afraid. There is cure for it. The cure lies in energy medicine. The single dose of high energy medicine selected on the basis of constitutional traits and pre dispositions of person has potential to cure this crippling tendency for good and change the personality into new model.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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