Which Families Are Predisposed To Cancer? Homoeopathic View Point

Those families are very predisposed to cancerous malignancies in which we find either recurrence of cases of carcinoma in the family or strong history of active miasmatic diseases in the members of family.

It is hard fact of life and often verified fact that certain persons and their families are predisposed to certain specific diseases including cancer. You might have seen that there is running suicide history in family and many members have committed suicide. This is due to the dominance of syphilitic miasm in the family in active form or there is strong history of high blood pressure or

repeated abortions in the family. This is again syphilitic taint. You might have also seen children of certain families suffering from allergies, birth defects, asthma, epilepsy and other disabilities. Like individual idiosyncrasies there are family idiosyncrasies also. Certain families and their members are more vulnerable to malignancy than other adjoining families even living in the vicinity of the family. There are certain families in which cancer runs at a very high speed; in others it is very slow and insidious. One major factor is the hereditary stuff or flux of the family which one receives from his ancestors by virtue of birth. The following categories of families are more prone and predisposed to malignancy
Those families in which there is predominance of all the three miasms or toxicities namely psora, psychosis and syphilis.

The families in which two or more deaths have occurred due to cancer, either maternal or paternal both sides

The families who heavily rely on chemical medicines even for minor ailments the accumulated poison of toxic chemicals degenerates in to cancerous cells.

The families, whose members have repeated exposure to x rays and other forms of radiations. All radiations area carcinogenic in nature as these has potential to cause mutation of genes. These are not only carcinogenic but mutagenic also.

Those families who have chronic history of chronic diseases like various kinds of skin eruptions , psoriasis, insanity , epilepsy , , autoimmune diseases , heart strokes, brain haemorrhages and degenerative diseases. Etc.

Families in which there is long history of repeated surgeries and operations, structural tissue changes. Cancer is primarily a tissue degeneration in which the healthy structure of

cells and tissues goes into degeneration. Tissue changes can not occur unless there is not the presence of all the three miasm in active form.

The families which have strong history of vaccinations.Vaccination renders the natural immunity of body in jeopardy. The orthodox doctors have different and opposing view point on this issue.

Now the question arises can the tendency and predisposition of such families to malignancy can be eradicated. The answer is big “yes” but therapy must be homoeopathy, and the physician must be master of the art and philosophy of homoeopathy equipped with the principles of homoeopathy. The best way to perform this miracle is to prescribe the regnant mother his constitutional family medicine during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the best period to prescribe to eradicate the tendencies of family diseases .medicines must be in dynamic form not in crude doses to enable the vital force to be strong enough to fight against diseases causing pathogens.

Like individual traits there are certain family traits running into that family. Some families are very bold, courageous and adventurous the others are coward, shy and suppressed. Some families are typically ars calc, lyco, phos, Carcinocin, sulph, med, Thuja, and Nat Mur., kali staph. All these are strong constitutional medicines. The miasmatic predisposition of family to cancer can be eradicated by carefully selecting the similimum homoeopathic family constitutional medicine.


The miasmatic poison chooses the weakest point or organ of the body for its expression and flourishment and nourishment. So where the cancer will occur in the body depends on such predisposition of the concerned person and his organs. In women the generative sphere is generally the seat of expression of cancer. it is not coincidence that these sites are also strong residing points of sycotic and syphilitic miasmas. Fibroid growth, cysts all pertain to psychotic miasm. Br east uterus and ovaries are favorite sites for cancer to find its expression. In men prostate gland, testes and blood are the favorite sites of expression of cancer.



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professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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