Why And How Phosphorous Constitution (patient) Exhibits Clairvoyant Feelings?

The phosphorous expresses its clairvoyant feeling by demonstrating the unique phenomenon of “luminescence “that is peculiar to phos only in non radio active substances. Luminescence is symbolic representation of lightness, diffusion, sympathy, intuitive knowledge, and above all transparency and transcendence of individual soul.


After Medorrhinum phos is the second most clairvoyant remedy of homoeopathic materia medica .Medorrhinum surpasses all medicines as far as clairvoyant feelings of human beings are concerned.
The three words that exactly describe the psyche or constitution of phos are

Compassion/ sympathy



These words are interchangeable and complementary in nature. The amative must be diffuse and compassionate and the

diffuse must be amative and compassionate and vice versa. .The emotional love bonding is strongest in phos constitution. Amativeness or compassion is a mental trait or disposition that always seeks closeness, companionship,, friendship and feelings of fraternity with someone else . It is a feeling of exaggerated sympathy. Phos is known for its feelings of anxiety of friends and fellows. To be anxious for others and to feel the anxieties of others are two different situations. Here phos can be compared with ars .Ars is very anxious for others but ars is anxious for others because of his selfish nature or insecurity whereas phos truly feels the anxiety of friends and fellows. Phos feels the sufferings of others so intensely that he himself becomes object of that suffering

I had a case of phos girl who was having typical phos nature and constitution. She was studying in a university away from her home town and was living in hostel. Whenever her mother, thousand miles away from her used to have migraine attacks she also had simultaneous headache attacks with same intensity. And when she will telephone her mother to en-quire her health as she has clairvoyant feeling of ill health of her mother, her mother was actually having the migraine and vomiting. So is the love, compassion and intimacy bond in phos. So we have feeling of closeness, feeling of intimacy, feeling of strong love bonding in phos. All these feelings result in tremendous love and anxiety for others.

The extra sensory perception or clairvoyance in phos is expressed in many ways and takes many forms and courses. One of its courses is feelings of tremendous intimacy or diffusion of love or self as it may be termed. Phos is very sympathetic, empathetic and benevolent of other people.. Phos superimposes his intense feelings of love, sympathy and compassion on other person’s personality.

Phos is sublime personality having great concern for well being of other person. He is totally in tune with other person’s mentally as far as worries sufferings and anxieties of other person are concerned. He feels the vibrations of pain. suffering and anxiety transmitting from others heart and mind and subsequently receiving these in his own heart and mind. There is no barrier or communication gap between two minds so instant and intimated is the phos mind with other mind. Phos is a lover, wife, social worker par excellence. Male phos are very few as compared to female phos.

The second way of expression of clairvoyant feelings in phos is by way of anxiety, the phos patient feels for the suffering of others. There are many medicines in materia medica that are included under the rubric anxious and “anxiety for others” but none has the ability to compete phos and take its place as far as the question for feeling the suffering of others is concerned. One remedy very near to phos constitution in this respect is Lyssin. Rajan sankaran in his book “substance of homoeopathy” narrates the case of a typical phos patient that used to have clairvoyant feeling that his father

was having heart attack and each time within an hour of getting this intense feeling he received a telephonic call telling him that his father had a severe heart attack. This type of intimate feeling of intense union ship of two minds, true love, and sympathy is very typical of phos mentality
The third aspect of the clairvoyant feeling of phos is that he or she wishes to be mesmerized, magnetized or hypnotized.phos mind is so receptive to external impressions that she is easily swayed by others, arguments and conversation. She comes under the spell of others feelings and thoughts. She is easily convinced and influenced. She is not fixed in his opinions and thoughts like Anacardium and Thuja patients.


Phos in its active yellow form exhibits a unique phenomenon of producing light without heat, independently of any exogenous irradiation. The phenomenon of “luminescence” that phos exhibits are unique in non radioactive substances.phos is symbolic representation of “inner light”, “true self” or luminescence of Atma or soul of a man. The constant desire to dissolve her individual self in universal self through the medium of love and devotion is the essence of phos personality. phos represents inner spiritual light of mankind that is eclipsed by the veil of false ego or ahankar. The true self of man is always in pursuit if his eternal goal of mingling and blending with Almighty.

Phos is known to sharpen the human intellect and consciousness and is strong antidotal to anesthesia. Anesthesia represents numbness, inactivity, darkness, selfishness, and fixedness. What marks the personality of phos individual is his compassion and sympathy for others. It is well known fact and reality that all anesthesia, narcotics, sedatives and chemical drugs have very strong consciousness depressing effect on the psyche of persons who use it or are addicted these substances. It is the main reason behind of modern man’s cruelty, Sadistic and uncontrolled impulsive drives. Man is becoming more and wilder, selfish, lascivious, impulsive, egoistic, self –centred, devoid of all good sublime sense of religion, ethics and justice day by day. Tremendous use of these consciousness killing and depressing substances and chemicals is growing in every society in an alarming way subsequently making the beast of a civilized man.

Phos is oversensitive to external stimuli like thunderstorms, light, odors, lightening, electricity, dampness, darkness, twilight. That is why phos mentality is very impressionistic and excitable. Another remarkable aspect of clairvoyant feeling of phos mentality and personality is that he or she has great fear of dark, fear of being alone, fear of thunderstorms, fear of lightening, fear of thunder, fear of death and characteristic fear of that “something will happen” this feeling of something ugly and unbecoming happening is almost integral part of the psyche of all clairvoyant medicines. The anticipatory anxiety is born out of this feeling of “something will happen” it is a psychotic trait and may be termed as “benign cancer of mind” very tormenting feeling but not cancerous. Phos has lot of anticipatory anxiety like med, lyco etc.

I assume you will like to read my other articles on this peculiar topic of clairvoyance.





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