Why Indian Holy Herbal Tulsi Is Finding Favour With Scientists?

Indian scientists have found wonderful anti radiational properttes in  tulsi .  previously, It was darling of maseses. now it is becoming darling of scientists.scientists have started exploiting its "anti oxidative stress properties".


Tulsi is known to Indian people since ages. It is worshiped like a deity in very household backyard. It is ubiquitous herbal plant found everywhere in India many mythological, religious and folk legends are prevalent among people about this herb. The centuries old Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda knew its medicinal properties and curative power well. Tulsi has found mention in many Indian old books written on medicine.

Even in the antibiotics dominated age of modern people, its use for common cold and cough problems have not waned or perished. Tulsi is the darling of herbalists and naturalists



It is something very surprising that defense scientists of India are increasingly interested in the study of this medicinal plant. They are leaving no stone unturned in exploiting the medicinal properties of this wonderful herb what attracts and fascinates the scientists to tulsi are its newly found anti Radiational properties tulsi has been found in potent chemicals that are capable of combating harmful and injurious effects of radiations..

The Radiational effects are extremely injurious to the health of mankind as well as plants. Radiation has potential to cause carcinogenesis in organisms especially human’s .it can cause cancer and malignancy in humans by damaging the structure of DNA by inducing tissue changes in human body. What is

most startling and disturbing about Radiational effects is the fact that it can damage human economy at cellular level. The power of Radiational toxicity can damage DNA and nuclear material of the cell by inducing point mutations in the genes. It has unimaginable potential to alter and damage the chromosomes, the units of heredity in human beings.


What attracted the scientists most towards tulsi are its wonderful anti oxidative properties. The scientists of defense research and development organization (DRDO) situated at Bushneshwer have developed a tulsi based formulation that is said to have potential to combat harmful effects of radiation on animals and men equally. The chemical that tulsi contains in its chemical composition, is said to act as “anti oxidative stress”, in case of exposure to radiation and damage of human DNA it is said that the chemicals which tulsi contains in its chemical compositions are capable of combating and countering the injurious ill effects of Radiational exposure successfully. Congratulations to Indian scientists for discovering the anti Radiational properties of Indian holy herb tulsi. Their latest research may prove milestone in the history of mankind to combat the effects of radiations. Scientists are engaged in countering the ill effects of radiations since long.


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