How Esr And Cancer Are Related? And Why Esr Remains Elevated Even After Hundred Percent Recoveries?

In certain acute infections of very grave and emergent nature the ESR may remain elevated of long as residue effect of the main disease or infection.

How ESR and cancer are related mutually or does any relationship exists between elevated ESR and malignancy? These are the questions that have been debated again and again and medical experts differ wider on these issues. Some medical are of the opinion that if ESR is raised above 100 than it is surely sign of malignancy. The normal value of ESR is considered tobe 0-15 for adult males and 0-20 for females.

First of all, we

should remember that ESR is not reliable test. It is non specific test. It may be raised in many a medical conditions. As for as ESR is concerned two things are very prominent about esr. Firstly it is indicative of some type of infection in the human body and secondly it is indicative also some type of inflammation in the body. Not only cancer, the ESR level may be elevated in many a medical conditions .some of them may be mentioned below

• Certain infections (mainly bacterial infections
• Rhabdomylosis
• Wasting of muscles.
• Abscesses
• Certain types of arthritis and rheumatism.
• Tuberculosis
• Various other muscular and connective tissue disorders
• Tissue injury and burns
• Cancer and malignancies.
• Crohn's disease
• Rejection of an organ transplant
• Heart attacks.

Pneumonia bronchitis and sinus problems

The ESR measures the rate at which the red blood cells or erythrocytes separate from the plasma and fall to the bottom of a test tube. The rate is measured in millimeters per hour (mm/hour It is crystal clear now that raised ESR is not only exclusive property of the malignancy. ESR above 100 does not point to or indicative of malignancy. If it is raised above 120, than it points to some serious, grave and extreme infection and inflammation going on in the body. This can be only known after further testing. If ESR is elevated than we can not outright malignancy also. I know a lady friend of mine who had multiple myeloma a bone marrow cancer and her ESR on diagnosis was 250
Here I wish to bring some very important point to the attention of medical fraternity regarding nature of ESR. There are certain medical emergencies, when a severe acute infection like Rhabdomylosis, pneumonia, pleurisy and massive heart attack occur and the residue effect as elevated ESR remains for months. So after a life threatening situation the patient going in to coma and surviving, the ESR may be elevated even for long time after recovery from the trauma.

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