Naja (indian Cobra) Is Wonderful Medicine For Hypertrophy And Mitral Regurgitation Of Damaged Heart.

Naja is deadly poison hence the most potent medicine. Its main sphere of action is heart. Low tension, hypertrophy of heart, mitral regurgitation and Valvular degeneration are the clinical conditions calling for the use and action of naja. Before the replacement of damaged valves of heart naja must be considered.

Naja is deadly poison hence the most potent medicine. Its main sphere of action is heart. Low tension, hypertrophy of heart, mitral regurgitation and Valvular degeneration are the clinical conditions calling for the use and action of naja. Before the replacement of damaged valves of heart naja must be considered.

The whole pathology of naja revolves around heart or is centered on heart and it evolves out of dis functioning of heart. Naja is a snake poison derived by attenuation from the Indian venomous snake cobra. The main affinity of naja is for nervous system and through nervous system on the

heart tissues. Medicines have special organ affinities. Some medicines primarily affect the heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and circulatory system. Naja has great affinity for affection of heart especially of its valves. The various pathologies evolved from malfunctioning of heart and its valves provide good field of action for naja. Almost its all prominent systems are reflex from heart tissues


Heart is primarily the center of action of naja. Naja is not a haemorrhagic or septic remedy like Lachesis, Crotalus and tarantula cubensis. It is a remedy for nervous manifestations coincided with circulatory system. The first disease condition we take note of, is the hypertrophy of the heart muscles. The heart muscles become hypertrophied. The hypertrophy may further give rise to many heart disease conditions. High blood pressure as a result of hypertrophy of heart calls for naja.Upward surging or rising of blood is marked and the patient feels how the heart is exerting to push the blood upwards and keep it moving upwards. Secondly there is Valvular insufficiency or mitral regurgitation. There is marked dyspnoea and choking of throat. Many types of Valvular lesions are marked in naja pathology. The valves of heart are damaged or are only partially working .The damaged condition of valves gives rise to mitral regurgitation .The heart muscles push the blood from one auricle to ventricle with full force ,but some of the blood leaks back or flows backwards in to auricle. Dragging and anxiety of praecordia is marked. Naja may prove wonder medicine in angina conditions or heart attack. Here patient feels sharp stitching pains in left chest shooting to shoulder or arm .Arsenic and oxalic acid must be remembered and must be differentiated while prescribing naja for this condition. The heart pains extend to nape of the neck, left shoulder and arm with awful anxiety and fear of death simultaneously. Another application calls for naja .when after infectious diseases especially fever , typhoid fever or rheumatic fever , the valves do not function properly and consequent the patient feels palpitation and weakness and exhaustion with fast moving or walking .when after suppressed rheumatism the heart is involved and is not functioning properly this condition may also call for naja. Naja is wonderful medicine to restore the heart to its original healthy position damaged by acute inflammations, rheumatic pains and other infectious diseases.


Palpitations of the heart are very marked in

naja. It is as marked as in hyper thyroidism naja can also meet the pathological condition caused by hyper thyroidism with pulse always beating above one hundred.. Palpitation of the heart from least exertion, from talking, walking, from exercising is very characteristic in naja pathology. Mild exertion of any kind brings on the palpitations. She is unable to speak from palpitation of the heart. She feels nervous palpitation with excitement and anger.


Pulse is affected the same way as heart. The pulse is irregular in force and rhythm. In certain life threatening diseases or in the end stage of diseases the pulse may as low as twenty or entirely pulse less. Especially naja is very useful in the collapse stage of cholera or angina pectoris when the pulse is hardly perceptible and the patient is so weak he can not speak a single word, with cold extremities. And the heart is tremulous

Respiration system

All body systems are well coordinated and work in cohesion and harmony. One system is disordered it affects the functioning of the others also. Naja through the nervous system affects the heart exceedingly but the primary seat of action of naja is nervous system.sympathetica troubles of heart due to nervous system. There is gasping at throat with sense of choking. There is irritating dry cough depending on not on lungs but on the damaged conditions of heart valves. This cough is reflex in nature and very difficult without the application of naja. There is generally asthmatic condition depending upon heart starting with coryzalike symptoms.


Mentally, the naja patient is very over excited, nervous and tremulous. Due to disfunctiong of nervous system and circulatory system especially, heart and its valves naja profoundly affects the secondary seat of nervous system the human mind. Mind is invisible entity in the body and is an invisible component of nervous system .mind and body is related and coordinated. The functioning of mind is directly proportional to body and vice versa. The importance of none can be undermined. All snake and spider poisons affect the mind and nervous system in a big way. Consequent upon disfunctioning of valves the mind becomes very depressed and melancholic. The patient goes on brooding over the imaginary troubles especially the anticipated troubles of heat and its valves. His thinking process becomes paralyzed with obsessive thoughts of heart and its dis functioning. He begins to have suicidal thoughts like Aurum met. The usefulness of life begins to be doubted and suspected and uselessness/absurdity of life predominates. There is marked sense of neglect ion from family members especially husband. She starts quarreling with her husband on very trivial and trifling matters like ignatia mentality. But never goes to the extent of throwing things on the person who offends like staphisagria.

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