Think Of Nothing But Tarantula Cubensis In Septic Conditions.

Tarantula cubensis is a toxemic medicine, for septic conditions of all kinds

Tarantula cubensis is a toxemic medicine, for septic conditions of all kinds

Tarantula cubensis is a hairy spider belonging to Cuba. There are over 800 species of tarantula, belonging to the familyTheraphosidae. It is one of the wonderful and most efficacious remedy for septic condition or blood poisoning. The cause of sepsis may be any as in delivery, post partum black haemorrhage, a carbuncle having bluish tinge or discharging black blood. a boil , a injury or a anaphylactic shock after the use of conventional medicine or a bite of a snake , septicemia condition of tonsils , amputation after

, or any severe condition of septicemia. Anything else where there is present bluishness of the tissues of the skin; this remedy may steal the patient from jaws of death. The swelling of the tissues of the body where the tissues put on a bluish color and there are intense burning and stinging pains in the tissue. It is especially useful after delivery when due to internal blood poisoning, the fever does not abate and the tissue is putting a bluish look. Bluish tongue following any disease condition is its guiding symptom. It is the third remedy along with arsenic and anthracinium for burning pains following any inflammation. I have seen felons and carbuncles which had kept patients awake night after night and writhing with awful agony, walking the floor in agony from the terrible pains, so relieved in a very short time that they could sleep in perfect comfort until the swellings spontaneously discharged and progressed to a rapid cure. Such is the testimony of Nash...J.T. KENT, the great genius and master in his book “New Remedies,” gives a case showing the powerful action of Tarantula cubensis in Carbuncle on the back of neck. A lady, age about 30, suffered greatly from a carbuncle on the back of her neck. She had applied many domestic remedies and
obtained no relief. The tumefaction seemed destined to suppurate. It was mottled bluish and the pain was intense, knife cutting and burning. She was sick at the stomach to vomiting, and at night she was delirious. Her eyes were staring and there was some fever; the tongue was foul and the breath fetid. There was great tension in the scalp and muscles of the face. She begged for morphine to "stop that burning and cutting." Tarantula cubensis 12 x, one dose, produced quiet immediately and the angry looking tumefaction failed to complete its work: it did not suppurate. The discoloration was gone in two days, and the hardness soon disappeared also. She regained her normal state very rapidly, and she said to me a short time ago that she had never had her old headache since that swelling left her, showing how deeply the medicines affected her whole system. If a part is mottled (Lach.), bluish, growing dark, with those symptoms, Tarantula cubensis must be the most appropriate remedy. In regard to Tarantula cubensis, Dr. Oscar Hansen, of Copenhagen in his Textbook of Rare Homoeopathic Remedies, writes: "Therapeutics. Gangrene. Carbuncle, even sloughing, with great prostration and diarrhea, intermittent fever of evening exacerbation. Acts magically in the most terrible burning, stinging pains here. A purplish hue with the above pains is characteristic. (Compare Lachesis, Anthracinium, Silica.) Recommended in the last stage of tuberculosis pulmonum. Diphtheria, malignant type, deposit dark-colored, fetid breath, septic fever. Typhoid fever, fetid dark stool, great prostration." Burning and stinging pains make the patient restless and compels him to walk at night.

Tarantula Cubensis has marked action on genital pruritus belonging to both sexes. Bluish, purple, discoloration of affected part with swelling. Pruritus worse during night, contact and touch of the affected parts. Tarantula Cubensis also helps in severe type of inflammations and septic conditions.

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