How The Lips Are Symbol Of Sensuality, Sexuality And Neurological Disorders?

Healthy and well formed thick lips do not only add to facial features and beauty of a woman, these also play pivotal role in the sexual activity of man and are the symbolic representation of sensuality, sexuality and neurological disorders of humans.

Lips and facial features


Facial features and especially face plays an integral part in the beauty of girls and woman in the hierarchy of facial features. It is often cynosure of men’s eyes and sight. Perhaps after eyes the lips might be the secondary organs of attraction, infatuation, fascination and imagination for the opposite sex. Lips occupy special place of

significance in facial features and these may be regarded as the most prominent among facial features .The shape, formation, composition, and texture of lips plays pivotal role in the overall beauty of a damsel. Lips have been regarded as an object of utter sensuousness or sensuality since time memorial. The collective unconscious wisdom of folk mind speaks highly of lips. It is not without meaning that the fair sex is very conscious about her lips. The inner urge of woman to look charming and beautiful has given the way to lip stick invention. To beauty lips many brands of lip sticks are available in the market. It is another matter of discussion that lip sticks actually add to the beauty of damsel or is a source of ingesting many dangerous chemicals in the abdomen to absorb. The research studies by consumer forums show that most of the lip sticks contain more than desired traces of lead. Lead is very potent poison. One thing is without second thought that lip stick manufacturing companies are having good income from the lip sticks. These are the good source of earnings for the companies

Lips and sensuality

There is an old saying a man is known by the company he keeps. Similarly the woman’s sensuality is known by the looks and lips he keeps. The shape, texture and composition of lips speak highly of woman’s sensuality. The swollen type thick lips are indicative of woman’s inner sexual urges and conflicts. The biting of her lips in the company of men is indicative of her inner suppressed sensuality and strong sexual urge which drives her to bit her lips compulsively. It is also an expression of her willingness to sexual act. The thick and well formed lips are true indicative of a woman’s sensuality. This is the organ that speaks of the most sensuality in human beings. The woman speaks more through outlook, eyes and lips than her tongue. She sends silent and coded messages to read for her lover, through these organs of immense sensuality .skin is most sensitive organ of our body. The sense of touch is perceived by our skin. Some woman are very touchy and ticklishness on lips and feet. It is not without meaning that foot and lips of woman are two great fetishes of man. A fetish is an abnormal centre of attraction and fascination for human mind and eye. These are sources of erotic pleasure for him. He gets fully aroused and stimulated either by touching/kissing her lips and feet. In the Indian movie Pakeeza the hero in a romantic scence says to heroine meena kumari “you feet are very beautiful do not touch the ground with these

Lips and poetry


The lips have been the source of images and symbols for poets. The reddened lips have always caught the fancy of poets in big way. They have frequently admired and adorned the beauty of lips by comparing lips with red roses. They have used different metaphors and similes for the lips of woman. The Urdu poets specially were very romantic and sensuous in this respect. One Urdu poet in one couplet says “let me touch me your lips these are nothing but a cup of wine”. The other poet says “what can I say the delicacy and beauty of your lips it is a petal of red rose.” The aesthetics is based on the beauty of human organs. Touching of lips is the most pleasure some sensory impression and experience of every woman. She feels a strange kind of mood uplift and vibration of pleasure

and thrilling sensation in her whole body. If you have touched the lips of a girl or woman for first time or it is the maiden experience of the woman, than she may start trembling and shaking. Such is the thrilling sensation in the composition of lips and these are so rich in sentient nerves .The psychologists have discovered certain erotic zones or sensitive points in the chemistry of a woman body. These parts are full of nerve endings. The sensations are conveyed to our brain by nerves. Three such points that deserve special mention are clitoris, nipples and lips


How to identify sensuousness of lips?

It is a mistaken preposition that only girl’s lips are sensuous and sexy. Some boy’s lips are also very sexy and sensuous. They resemble a lot in composition texture and chemistry with lips of damsels. How to judge the sensuousness and sexuality of lips? Every pair of lips is not sensuous? We have certain objective signals to confirm the level of sensuality. You can observe them objectively with your eyes. One parameter of sensuousness of lips is the natural fragrance and redness of the lips. The red color itself is symbol of life force, vigor and energy. If the hemoglobin of your body is not in healthy scale and state, than your lips can not be reddened and bound to be pale. There is an idiom blood red. Red is red and blood is also red. It is square of redness. To show the intensity of redness we use the term blood red. Red color is also symbol of union, love and marriage. The Indian woman wears red sari on her marriage ceremony. Red color is also symbol of vibration of life .when a man dies his blood turns pale yellow. The second signal to identify the sensuousness of lips is shining roundness of lips. The rounded lips in shape are most sexy and sensuous. The third signal to identify sensuality of lips is juiciness of lips but there should be an expert eye to observe this juiciness about lips.

Lips and neurological disorders

The lips not only speak of sensuousness and sexiness but neurological and physical disorders also. A deep crack in the middle of lower lip is a great sign of sorrow and grief. The sorrows and grieves break open your skin and you may have eczema of face or extremities also. The deep cracks in corners of mouth speak of cancer in your life. The dryness of lips is an indication of the disordered stomach and digestive system the grimacing of lips; the ticks of lips, the twitching of lips all are saying the language of your disordered nervous system and neurological disorder problems. Constant licking of lips and chewing motion of your lips and of whole jaw or constant sucking of lips are indicative of the obsessesive and compulsive nature of your mind. These are automatic and unconscious acts which are not under the control of your conscious will. The cherry reddened lips speak about the passionate make up of your mind and irregular distribution of your blood. Contrary to red lips pale lips are symbol of lessened and waning libido, lethargy laziness, drowsiness, inactivity and decreasing life force of your life. The area around the lips becomes affected many times and especially with a kind of numbness, which centers on lips. Lips are both symbol of positivity/ negativity lethargy / enthusiasm, activity/ inactivity of your life and mind. This numbness is mostly analogous to the voluptuous itching and tingling of the genital area. The numbness is always indicative of one’s hardened attitude and approach life and sex. The frigid woman has no sensuality in their lips. Rather there lips are dull dreary shrinked and cracked type. They are lusterless.

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