Merits And Demerits And Nature Of Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is becoming very popular with physicians and clients as it aim at immediate addressing the mental disorder.

Clinical psychology is modern branch or subfield of psychology that aims at treating patients like other physicians but with more emphasis on psychic aspect of the cases. It is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis of mental illness and abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. It integrates the science of psychology with treatment of diseases. The clinical method of psychology is used when people attend to the clinicians for the solution of their problems. It is not as exhaustive as the main psychology. But

in the busy schedule of physicians it is providing great help to patients. Due to lack of time and other constraint son the part of clinical psychologist; he may take very superficial view of the cases. It is a clinical way of studying people’s behavior to arrive at the requisite medication.

A student named raja is very nice, well behaved and having yielding and adjusting nature at school behaves entirely differently at home. He is another person at home. Fed up with his destructive and violent behavior at home his mother calls him a “spoilt and demon child”. He is never at ease at home, very hyperactive in behavior and always takes quarrels with his siblings striking them badly sometimes. When the mother complains his rude and destructive behavior to his madams, they have high opinion of him and speak positively about his behavior at school and in the class room. For such type of problems people go to the clinical psychologists.

Not all clinical problems require deep study. Some behavioral problems of children require deep structural study of the behavior. The clinical psychologist gets the history of the

case including the family history. He enquires into family relationships whether these are bitter or estranged. The interview is sought by interviewing the concerned person and his close associates. The clinical psychologist may engage some specially trained persons to take comprehensive history of the case. He may ask the associates to get detailed database and information about the person and family background and environment. Some clinical psychologists have questionnaire type tests of various kinds developed by them for the purpose of gathering more information. . Hobby and aptitude tests, personality tests, social skin tests, intelligence tests may provide meaningful data relating to the present illness. These tests are efficient ways of peeping into the psyche of the person. From the data collected from these tests and biological information of the patient the clinical psychologist tries to diagnose the problem and solve accordingly. He may also prescribe some medicines. The diagnosis and remedy selection differs from person to person.

How this clinical method as a tool is effective or efficacious in solving the day today problems of the people. The clinical psychologist may observe some signs which he sees as of utmost value to the case. Clinical psychology encompasses the feature of clinical observation, experiment and systematic observation .The drawback of such clinical psychology is its casualness to the main problem, subjectivity, and lack of precise measurement. What seems to be cause and effect in one case may not be present in other cases. Even in a single case it is difficult to sort out casual features with clarity and precision.

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