Message To Youngsters --–explore And Exploit Your Talents On Social Media.

Get your social identity by exploring &exploiting net working social sites. Social media has transformed into “much more” than mere means of communication. Identity seeking, sexuality seeking, business seeking, aesthetic seeking are some of the new dimensions of social net working. The choice lays with you, Friends. Be Dynamic, Passionate, and Ambitious in pursuits of knowledge and talents.

Social media is not only sending and receiving text massages i.e. communication with well wishers and friends but it is good medium of exploring one’s inner self and exploiting of one’s compatibilities /potentialities and talents to one’s fullest extent and expectations. One

can develop the aesthetic side of his or her personality and give it various colors and meanings of choice. social media have many dimensions. It depends on you which side of it you select for expression of your personality. The business and artistic i.e. aesthetic sides have come to light recently in a big fascinating way

Social media websites are not only popular with students, youngsters, teenagers but everybody from boyhood to adulthood to aged people. Every sphere of life and the people belonging to it have its own aspirations and ambitions. The aged people are expressing their life experiences of successes and failures with other like minded people and youngsters. The youngsters can reshape their life in the light of experiences of life of older generation. They can also seek valuable guidance and inspirations from their fatherly figures on social media. There are certain experienced people on social media from which the youngsters can seek guidance to mould their feelings and expressions and above all personality.

The knowledge seeking students and especially the artistic and aesthetic community of students are exploring inner self and sexuality and exploiting their arts and social skills on social networking sites like you tube, face book and twitter. These three are top ranking social sites in terms of user’s numbers. The new generation of youngsters is sharing their feelings and talents with fellows on social net working sites.

If you have writing / singing/ dancing/ researching capabilities and potentialities and you wish to share these with other people of world or seek audience for recognition than write your own blogs and micro blogs and make your own videos and upload these on these popular networking sites. I am sure you will get tremendous inspiration and adoration from your well wishers, fan and friends and users. You can win huge popularity on

these social sites within short span of time. You can receive feedback in the form of comments, suggestions and views pertaing to your posts. You can reciprocate with other like minded people. I advise you to use these sites than wasting time and become used to idle and futile time wasting chatting. Everyone who takes birth wishes to be recognized and established in social milieu. Our major illness arises from our failure to be appreciated and recognized socially and familial ways. We can find our identity on these social net working sites. These social net working social sites are good medium to get one ’s self popularized and seek development of personality.

Recognition of identity is greatest guiding and motivating force of human life. The social networking sites like face book and twitter; are best medium to find one’s signatures and personality on the internet.

The future generation of literary figures, writers, poets, critics, scholars, filmy stars, dancers, painters etc will bear from the plate form of these social networking sites
All types of artists and aesthetic people belonging to different walks of life will emerge from these popular net working social sites. These sites may rightly be called “nurseries of future artists” and makers of human civilization.

Indians have been aggressive and early adopters of social media net working. Indian adoption of face book and twitter has exceeded than any other single country of world. These net working sites has won favor with Indian people and are making further inroads in to Indian population and its lives not only in big metro politan cities but small towns and villages also.
It is no surprise that online media brand visibility analysis firm melt water is receiving one client every two days who are eager to know-how efficient and efficacious are their online marketing efforts throughout India. This firm has added 20,000 users or clients globally out which 200 are from India.

The importance of networking has been lime lighted time and time again, but what is networking worth if you don’t utilize it. Make your profile, log in and upload your posts.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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