Arnica Wonderful Medicine For Falls, Blows, #contusion And Concussion

Anica is traumatic medicine par excellence. It is wonderful medicine for the bad effects of traumatic injuries. No medicine can substitute arnica in concussion of brains in accidents.

Anica is an herb medicine that is known for its anti traumatic effects upon any part of the body. In its pathogenesis it produces conditions similar to falls, blows and contusions and hence cures these in homoeopathic high dilutions. Like cures likes is the golden time tested principle of Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic medicines when proved produce certain set of symptoms in plovers and these symptoms guide us to the prescriptions of the medicine when

these similar symptoms are found in a patient.

When the etiology of any diseased condition is injury, however remote it may be, arnica is sure to cure that condition. After traumatic injuries of the organs of body when the concussed part becomes ecchymosed and there is diffusion of blood from capillaries arnica should be called for. It will never fail you in this condition. Anica is good medicine to show the skeptics of homoeopathy the wonderful curative powers of dynamic dilutions and make theme convert to the fold of Homoeopathy.

Arni ca profoundly effects the circulation or blood vascular system it induces stasis in venous system. It also produces ecchymosis and hemorrhages tendency to degeneration and septic conditions of blood. After blows or contusion or injury with blunt weapons when the tissues become blue black and there is aching pain as if beaten or soreness of the part; arnica prescribed in high dilution gives prompt relief and curing and preventing the pus formation process instantly.. Anica is enemy to all pus formation after traumatic injury, sore bruised lame feeling of any part after traumatism.

Anica is not only miracle medicine for traumatism of injuries and blows but traumatism of grief and sorrow, remorse and financial loss also.


has great curative action on skin also. Sore bruised feeling of skin and muscles is its guiding symptom for its employment. It is wonderful medicine for recurring boils on skin. Itching, burning eruptions of small pimples on the surface of skin.provide another condition for this medicine. Crops of small boils on the skin. Acne indurata characterized by symmetry in distribution.

Psyche of arnica person

Anica person is very touchy. He fears any touch on body or approaching of any person towards him or her. He is very fearful of touch. If the patient is suffering from rheumatism or arthritis and there is present this symptom of fear of touch, you can prescribe one dose of 10m to convincingly cure this condition. Any mental shock or strain also finds good medicine in arnica. Whatever the ailment or physical suffering may be never forget the sore bruised feeling for its employment.

Traumatism and my experience

Such is the curative power of this medicine against traumatism of any kind especially when inured part takes blue-black color, that I have never taken any conventional medicine in my whole life for myself and for the injuries of my family. It is easily available on any homoeopathic store. Whenever any member of your family receives any injury during accident or blows or concussion give him one dose of arnica 10m. It must be present in every household. Whenever any member receives concussion of brain during accidents, never rush the victim to emergency ward give him or her one dose of arnica 1om and repeat it 3 hourly. The dangerous and life threatening effects of concussion of brain will never follow after the prescription of arnica.

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