E.governance By Social Media Is How Too Far?

E.governance is web and technology based concept of govt. It will make both govt and people more accountable and responsible with the increased participation of people in policy making and developmental projects of govts. A new transparency will bear out of this complex net work of technology and people.

Electronic governance is latest and new concept in the working and development of govt. machinery. As the e-mail system has takeover and replaced the centuries old system of sending text messages and information by letters and envelops via post office department. Similarly in future the concept of E.governance will replace the present

govt system of official and departmental machinery. It seems very probable that in the coming twenty years the face and working of the govt will totally change in favor of technological based E. governance. The govt would be run by social media sites, web inter netting, E.governance etc
The social media tools encompass a conglomeration of web based technologies and services such as blogs and micro-blogs. The prominent and lime lighted social media tools providing social services , blogs , micro-blogs and image collection etc are twitter , you tube, face book , flicker, stumble upon etc .you tube is good social tool to share video content on the internet. Any social event can be shared by people of the world on this social website by visual imagery. Any person can upload his personal or otherwise social information on the internet via you tube and can share it with world community and can get feed back so cheaply.

Social media websites like twitter, face book, you tube, have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. New users are making their profiles on these sites of social significance. No doubt in coming years these will become “religious places” of the people. The people are making full advantage by exploiting these social websites for sending and receiving personal information. The utility of these social websites is gaining momentum day by day. On personal level, the usage of these social websites has revolutionized the life style of the world community and people

There are mainly two integral components of a civil and civilized society namely-- people and men in power and authority i.e Govt. In democratic set up people are the sole ultimate determing factor of the fate of the govt... The fate of a govt rests on people in democracy. People have the right to select representatives of the govt of their own choice to rule and govern them by way of voting. As far as personal level and personal life of people is concerned the social media has made strong inroads ito their daily lives. But on the govt and governance level the participation of social media is not a so encouraging so far. There are so many pitfalls

to be covered. The usage of social media for official working, official machinery and govt purposes remains ambiguous So far. But it is tilting in the right direction.

One of the ways of successful running of govts and to ensure responsibility and accountability of people and official machinery is by actively engaging the public while making policies and agenda of national and public interest. The people are directly impacted by govt policies and agenda. To make these more purposeful and public oriented the mass participation of people is of utmost significance and that is only possible by social media net working. Citizen involvement and engagement in policy making decisions and other projects of govt will definitely result in improved project conceptualization and decision making .It will help the govt to know exactly the needs, requirements and aspirations of citizens and public. There are multitude of benefits and utilities of public participation via social tools in govt working and policy making. On the one hand it increases the awareness and awakening of public and on the other hand it gives them a sense of belonging, ownness and ownership by making people part and parcel of developmental processes of govt.

Some govts are readily marching steadily towards the concept of E.goverance. Some world govts have started exploiting the possibilities of E- governance in a big way. I am sure, these will gain momentum in coming years. For instance the u.s.a govt has adopted social media to share information within and across govt agencies. It disseminates information to the public and gets feed back in return. It is said to use wikis to enhance public participation in decision making processes. It is the age of information dissemination .wide range of information can be disseminated on internet now a day. Govt around the world are working on the model of providing lot of govt information to the public. Applications for govt jobs are invited online and interview dates are also announced on line. List of successful candidates is also displayed online. The web bases services are making the govt machinery more efficient, transparent and accountable. The loopholes pertaining to official govt machinery can be easily plugged by E.governance. Social media will play “link and bridge” role in-between govts and people in future. All other non electronic channels of information will be marginalized. When one sees the penetration of social media tools in every sphere of life than it seems probable that one day very soon it will also enter into the govt network in a big way for the efficient and successful governance of the govt.


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