Happiness Is Harmonious State Of Mind And Positive Attitude Of Life To See And Interpret Events.

Everyone knows that Indian culture is basically religion oriented as compared to western culture that is material oriented. In real sense these are two terms to perceive the same reality but from different angle and vision. The oriental eye sees beauty beyond things or physical existence whereas the occidental eye perceives and concentrates on purely outward material existence. Broadly speaking these are two life patterns and life styles with same destination to reach. One path is of purely sensuous pleasure whereas the other is of beyond sense pleasure called anand by Indian rishies or seers. The Indian metaphysical tradition has

laid down four fundamental ideals or goals of life, namely Dharma the religion, Arth the material kam the lust or desire and in the end the ultimate bliss. Dharma, Arth, Kam are not goals in it rather these are the different milestones to reach the ultimate destination of moksha or anand Indian culture and civilization has never undermined the importance of sex or pleasure as it is sometimes debunked by western scholars. But rather it has warned the man timely not to stop or indulge in sex or kam but uplift or emancipate above this to see higher self. How the karma aspect of life can be ignored? All beings have taken their origin from karma. How can one ignore the kam principle of life .The question is of stress on the subject not of its neglection. The highest understanding about kam came from Indian ancient source I mean the great sex treatise KAM SUTRA. It is unparalleled in dealing with the various aspects of sex life of a married couple. Even the psychological writings of great psychologist Sigmund Freud have many things to owe to kam sutra. Kam sutra is nothing but the psychology of sex. The caves of Ajanta and alora speaks highly of the esoteric tradition of Indian culture depicting man’s victory over sexual passion and earthly sense pleasure .what a theme depicted in these caves ? Unless the man is sex hungry or has sense oriented psyche, he can not emancipate or realize his higher self? The clear message is one has to pass-through sex to obtain the highest destination of Anand. Man has to rise above animal self to realize highest goal of this human life. Has the relevance of this slogan abated today? The answer is capital NO. Rather it has increased many folds .when man is becoming sex obsessed and promiscuous in gross sex affairs of life and pornographic addict in various ways totally forgetting his true self.

Sex, pleasure, happiness, anand

Sex pleasure happiness and anand are four steps of a staircase. The highest step anand is both a step as well as destination. There is none in the word who does not wish happiness. But there are thousands and lakhs of people who do not want sex. Rather they are fed up with this and abhor it absolutely .This speaks volume of the nature of sex and happiness. What is sex or lust? Sex is an instinct as is hunger. Animals have instincts also .men’s instinctual derives area natural and their fulfillment is also very natural. But the perverted psyche of man has made sex the most unnatural thing sex and sexuality are altogether two different things sex is normality sexuality is abnormality. The many fold increase

in the incidence of rape cases in recent years is the direct outcome of the sexuality and pervasive behavior of human mind. The all pervasive and sadistic tendencies of human mind have started ruling or dominating him in a big way. In a frenzied fit of lust even the babies below the age of five are not being spared Sex is pleasure derived from the stimulation of sex organs of body. The five sense organs of human body are its means to achieve the goal of pleasure. Why we repeatedly desire sex? ; Because it is the “most transitory and pleasure some” thing in the whole universe. We try to achieve this again and again because it never comes in the grip of our hands permanently or we catch hold of it permanently. It is an illusionary or delusionary state of human mind .It can rightly be compared with dear and its mirage analogy. It is just like pleasure wave in the ocean of mind. In Indian colloquial languages it is called SUAD. SUAD is taste of pleasure of tongue, derived by tongue sense organ. We as humans have five sense organs and five are their subjects. The five sense organs are eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue and its five subjects are sight, hearing, smell, touch and ras or taste. All sense derived pleasure is transitory in nature or sometimes perverted also.sex is the means or way to derive pleasure. In complete sexual pleasure five senses are to be employed fully. Technically speaking, what is foreplay? It is the employment of senses of eyes (seeking pleasure through act of seeing), skin (pleasure derived through touch) and tongue (pleasure derived through kissing). Remember, sense pleasure is always transitory and temporary. Sex is also sense pleasure so it is transitory as well. Now we come to the main subject of happiness. Sex is not happiness. Neither material pursuit is happiness. If we limit happiness to sex and material wealth than the persons having more partners to have sex and richest persons of world should have been happiest persons? Than what happiness really is? Happiness is blissful state of mind as well as positive and contended attitude of life towards life happenings. Material wealth plays least part as far as true happiness is concerned. The ascetic or sadhu or mahatma is happier person than a rich man. This daily act and fact of observation needs no explanation. As compared to the transitory wave of pleasure the happiness is more enduring in nature. The sex pleasure and happiness are both temporary not eternal and ever lasting. Both can be described and felt by sense organs. Than comes the Anand. Anand is eternal state of mind that is always harmonious and permanent and it is beyond the reach and scope of senses. As against sex pleasure and happiness it is beyond description. The saint kabir in one of his couplets describes the true nature of anand like this
‘The dumb ate sugar. Ask him what the taste was? He is unable to tell it to you though he tasted it himself. “
It is the mother nature of all sex pleasure and happiness. It is archetypal in the Jungian terminology..

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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