Dominant Traits Of Earth Type Personality----a Psychological Purview.

Earth type personality is marked by obeseness on mental plane and sensousness on mental plane.

What are the traits and qualities of earth type personality? What psychic elements are there in the structural form of earth type personality? Earth sustains all forms of human life and existence. It is the most basic element of all the elements. .Earth is symbol of stability, sedentericity and structure. In human body earth element imparts structure to human body. The Skelton system the bones impart solidarity and stability to human body.

The pre dominance of earth element in man makes the body obese and bulky.

Almost most of the obese and weighty people are earth types. The deposition of excess fat does not make the body stout and strong but sluggish. These people have inactive and sedentric habits. Their life style is very sluggish and lazy type as compared to hyperactive life style of fire type personality. See the huge mountains and rocks, a form of earth element, these provide rigidity and stability to life. Our bones are tangible like rocks. Our physical strength depends on structure of our body.

Rocks are symbol of strength. The physical strength of human body depends on earth element. Earth is the ground substance of human existence. All shapes of human life are born out of earth element. Earth may aptly be termed as building blocks of human life. Feel the earth under your feet. How steady and solid it is?

Earth represents material, practical, pragmatic, sensuous, and real side of our human nature. It represents the sensuous nature of man

but not his sensitivity. The sensitivity of human nature is represented either by fire or water elements. It represents the human nature of persons that are down to earth, man very near to earth, men whose feet are firmly grounded on earth. Earth is solid compared to all other elements of psyche. Air the symbol of intellect is the lightest element. Earth types have normal or below normal intellect and skills. The earthy type obese children are docile foolish idiot and imbecile. Earth can not produce intellectuals. It is the work of air element. Earth tends to provide structural, solid base to our personality and human relationships. Earth type people have secure structural type solid relationships. These people are very faithful and trust worthy in human relationships. They stick to their partners. These are not volatile or boiling type relationship like those of water and aggressive and violent type relationships pertaining to fire. Earth provides structure and organization to human relationships.


The excessive expression of earth element in one’s personality makes the person suborn, obstinate and rigid type. One that follows hedonistic life style tends to remain in comfort zone of life without risking and adventuring. The love of material and sensuousness is very strong psychic element in the composition of earth type personality. This element makes them to be always in the company of matter. Eat drink and be merry becomes the slogan of hedonistic type personalities.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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