Problem Of# Scarcity And #plenty In India

India has abundance natural resources but due to economic disparities and uneven distribution of resources richer are becoming richer day by day and poor are becoming poorer. The problems of scarcity and abundance go hand in hand in India. India is a unique country gifted by Mother Nature with varied natural resources and different climates for different regions or states. .we have different seasons to suit different regions of country. One unique feature of Indian culture and civilization is “unity in diversity” and “scarcity in plentiness.” In the last few decades the economic disparities among people have increased manifold. Although Indian
society is growing at rapid pace growth rate of @8% per annum yet the people and general public are not having the fruits of growth and development of Indian society. The majority of people are living below the poverty line. If one travels from one part of county say north to south one can have encounters with innumerable people especially children who are facing problems of malnutrition due to lack of diet and food. They are just like living skeletons with no flesh on their bodies. One can view homeless people, beggars, scrawny kids, undernourished and malnourished people with swollen bellies and sunken eyes and babies with malformation of bones and skull bones. The whole body bone structure is curved due to lack of proper nutrition. Most of deaths of children are due to malnutrition. On the other side there are obese people who have full control on the economy of India .who contribute nothing towards its growth journey .They have plenty of resources and unaccounted money in banks. The problems of diabetes and obesity have started plaguing Indian people also like their counterparts, the affluent people of west. May clinics and heath centers are opening and mushrooming to
treat problems of people related to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes Obesity is an increasingly prevalent problem among India’s affluent middle and upper classes lazy and lethargic people indulging in sex orgies and alcohol. These people have totally sedentary life style. These are the most privileged and are main beneficiaries of 20 years of economic growth and development of Indian society. On the one side there is over eating among people of affluent class of plentiness and abundance and on the other side people have no money to purchase to "Ata and Daal "(the two basic needs of life to survive) even. The obese and diabetic people opt for surgery when other traditional means like dieting and exercising fail to reduce and loose fat and obesity. To undergo for surgery is last resort of people who has unsuccessfully attempted to loose weight earlier. The obesity complicated with diabetes is very dangerous health problem. It has started to plague more and more people of India also. Obesity and diabetes are growing problems of growing world population The study conducted by all India institutes of medical sciences, the premier medical institution of India shows; almost twenty percent of India’s adult population is obese and overweight, while approximately 20% of school-aged children are obese. Obesity-related conditions and problems such as sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, atherosclerosis, and atheroma of arteries, coronary artery heart diseases and diabetes are on the increase with rapid pace. In Punjab Ludhiana dist is leading in having heart related problems in youngsters even below the age of twenty. What a fine picture of scarcity and plenty in India. On one side the grains are destroying and spoiling in open godons due to lack of safety arrangements on the other side people are dying of hunger and undernourishment.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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