Bromium---- The Medicine Of Guilt- Complex, Aggressive Behaviour And Strong Sexuality

Bromine has potential to cure many malignant condition if selected judiciously and on the principle of “simillia similibus curantor” as advocated by the genius Hahnemann

When the diseased condition or the pathology of the patient suffers from intense feelings of guilt than Bromium or bromine is a medicine to be surely think of. If the psyche is predominant than whatever the pathology is, the medicine will cure the condition. Left sided complaints like Lachesis, infiltration of glands hypo or hypo activity of thyroid gland, cancer of testis and ovaries, bronchitis and rattling of mucus in trachea and larynx are the pathological

condition calling for the application of this drug

The guilt side of the person’s psyche is born out of instinctual passionate aggressive and narcissistic behaviour of the person. This medicine is similar to Medorrhinum in many traits such as passionate, enthusiastic, wild, excited, and impulsive etc. The emotions in bromine like Medorrhinum are never in the mean or rest position. They always oscillate between extremes of joy and sorrow, euphoria and depression, love and hatred, friendship and enemity. The emotions are expressed in a wild, powerful and impulsive way. Sexuality plays a major part in the symtomatology of bromine. Generally the passionate side of motions is born out of strong sexuality and sexual feelings. Both med and brom are passionate wild, emotions in both goes to extremes of behaviour, both have restlessness

of legs and fidgety of feet, both have craving for chocolate both have the delusion of being pursued or someone behind, both have amelioration at sea side .like med emotions in brom are intense and uncontrolled. Either the subject can be wildly happy, euphoric, cheerful and laughing a lot or impulsive rage and anger leading to destructive impulses

Mostly the feelings of guilt or guilt complex are born out of suppressed or unsublimated sexuality or wild passion of sexuality. That is why there is delusion of something looking at shoulder or someone pursuing or someone behind them. In these moments of anxiety they become very cautious and anxious like ars and cuprum and are always on the alert or guard. In a more intense psychotic stage they may feel ghosts chasing them or they may stare blank in the sky. They feel unprotected and inclined to run away. Out of this basic nature of wildness and passion, he bursts into bouts of temper but not like stram and Lyssin which are most violent and aggressive medicines of materia medica. Sometime in the face of contradiction or interference in his way he may show very aggressive behaviour by beating someone ruthlessly. But soon, he is overpowered by feelings of guilt and remorse.


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