Mediastinum Germ Cell Tumor And The Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is undergoing chemotherapy in America these days. let us all prey to Almighty for his early and speedy recovery from cancer.



The famous Indian cricketer is suffering from malignancy or cancer is certain but what kind of cancer? The scan and other histological reports have confirmed that tumor is not benign. Taking into account the origin and nature of carcinoma many media reports are circulating one the mere speculation of guess work that yuvraj is suffering from cancer of lungs. The writers, the media persons and net pages are interpreting this cancer in their own ways.


It is not a

lung cancer at all but it is germ cell tumor of mediastinum. Germ c ell tumor is rare type of tumor that grows very slowly. So what is germ cell tumor and how it reached at mediastinum? Generally the germ cell tumors arise in ovaries of young girls or testes of young boys. It is very strange and surprising that some germ cell tumors may also arise outside gonads at other places of body. Strange are the ways of nature. The mediastinum is the most common location of germ cell tumor in boys. It rarely occurs in girls at mediastinum. The retro peritoneum is another site where germ cell tumor
can grow. It is still a mystery how the gem cell tumor grows at mediastinum. The germ cells are primordial cells present in testes since birth that make help in developing and maturing sperms. Germ cell tumor in mediastinum was reported nearly fifty years back. On hypothesis is that these germ cell tumors develop from primitive germ cells in the endoderm of the yolk sac. The second theory is based on metastasis and says that germ cells from testes are metastasized to mediastinum. These are only speculations. The real cause is yet to be confirmed.
Germ cell tumors

Germ cell tumors are found in testes of young boys. These are called seminoma. Seminomas are always cancerous. These are exact counterpart of the dysgerminoma that grow in ovaries of young girls. 95% of all testicular tumors are gem cell tumors. Testicular germ cell tumors are always malignant. Germ cell tumors generally grow in childhood or adolescent age.yuvraj had gone one session of chemotherapy and is reported to be recovering fast. Prey to almighty for his speedy recovery and health.

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