Passive Smoking Is As Dangerous And Injurious To Health As Active Smoking

Passive smoking (the exposure to smoke of cigar or cigarette smoking person) is as injurious and carcinogenic as active smoking. In passive smoking there exists a disproportionate ratio between the exposures and carcinogenic. The total exposure to passive smoking is hardly one percent of the active smoking but the vulnerability to develop cancer due to this exposure is thirty percent

If your exposure to active smoking is greater than 30 minutes a day and you do not smoke at all; than you are exposing yourself to the same dangers and risk factors as the active smoker. Suppose you are in

the same office where one of your colleagues is chain smoker, here in this environment if you think you will have no effect of the smoke of the cigarettes, than you are totally mistaken or living in fool’s paradise. Whether you smoke or not does not matter. What matters is the nearness or proximity to the smoker’s smoke. You are also smoking like your chain smoker friend if you do not go away from that site of smoking. This is termed as passive smoking. Passive smoking has same damaging and injurious effects as the active smoking
Even thirty minutes exposure to cigarette smoking in public places like bus stands, railway stations. Cinema houses, campuses, houses to people’s smoke might be enough to trigger massive heart attack in people in higher risk of heart attack diseases. The disproportionate risk of exposure to smoking and actual smoking is puzzling the scientists for long. In a way the passive smokers are more prone to same diseases as are the active smokers. A non smoker person in the house or in office who lives or stays with a smoker who smokes two cigarettes a day has one third risk of the partner
even though he is actually exposed to one percent of the smoke emitted in the environment. Smoking is great environmental pollution and main health problem of the modern man. That is why most of the governments have banned public smoking and they have passed acts in their respective parliaments to ban public smoking. cigarette smoking is single most environmental factor that is implicated with cancer of respiratory tract, especially of lungs .it is really pity we are surrounded by environment of carcinogens which we eat drink inhale and touch.
The laboratory investigations have suggested that the toxins of tobacco smoke have greater concentration at low levels of exposure than at its peak level of exposure to which the active smoker is exposed. It is really amazing and stunning how the passive smoker is at greater cancer risk than the active smoker. How many people know this fact? If the father is chain smoker than it is imperative and duty of the mother to keep her children and kids away from the exposure of cigarettes smoking of their dad. Kids and children even are prone to develop lung cancer and other respiratory tract diseases than old people.
The major carcinogenesis and other toxins of cigarette smoking and exposure to smoking are as unde

Tar & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons





When you read this article it is your duty to spread the message contained in this article so that awareness may be created and spread among people about the injurious and dangerous repercussions of exposure of your body to smoke of cigarettes, i.e. passive smoking.

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