How Smoking Contributes To Athero –sclerosis& Cad.?

One of the major causes of deaths in modern age is heart diseases. ATHERO-SCLEROSIS & CAD are major factors leading to ischemic heart diseases and eventually death. The most single contributing factor to these dangerous and fatal diseases is tobacco smoking.

Cigarette smoking and other forms of smoking are very injurious harmful to human health in various ways. Many articles have been written on this topic to highlight the dangers inherent in smoking .People mainly cigarette smokers think that such articles have no relevance and take such articles very easy non seriously.. This article will show you, if

you are smoker how the smoking produces many heart and blood related health problems? After reading this article perhaps you will quit smoking. At least this is my wishful thinking. Many acts of violence and addictions are made out of sheer ignorance. Knowledge of health problems is great treasure house that one should keep.
Heart is muscular pump, the main function of which is to circulate blood to all the organs and tissues of our body. So process of respiration and production of energy in the form of ATP may continue uninterrupted. Our circulations further divided into arteries and veins. Arteries are net work of blood vessels that carry pure blood to tissues from heart. Veins, on the contrary, carry the unpurified blood containing carbon dioxide back to heart for purification. There are two arteries that supply of blood and oxygen to heart muscles. These are right and left coronary arteries. Atherosclerosis sclerotic plaques are building up in the lumen of these arteries obstructing the blood supply to heart. Athero sclerotic plaque builds up is the major health problem and cause of deaths in modern age. Athero sclerosis is deadly disease of blood vascular system. many
factors are implicated with the development of this disease. It is slow insidious disease that goes on for years without warning signals .and becomes very fatal one day in the form of ischemic heart diseases. The modern sluggish life style consuming high calories of rich diet and fats causes deposits of fats in the lumen of arteries. Tobacco smoking is also equally implicated in the production and development of athero sclerosis and eventfully ischemic heart diseases, finally CAD and cardiac arrest.

The incidence, extant and severity of athero sclerosis is much greater in populations of smokers than in non smokers. Cigarette smoking is implicated with the higher risk of development of athero sclerosis and eventually other diseases of heart. Athero sclerosis, ischemic heart diseases, hypertension and CAD are some of the heart diseases that are directory proportion to the amount of tobacco smoking or smoke consumed. The increased risk and severity of athero--- sclerosis is due to reduced level of HDL and accumulation of carbon monoxide in the blood stream. When carbon monoxide combines with blood it forms a very toxic substance called carboxy-haemoglobin. The toxic effect of carbon monoxide is due to its two hundred times affinity for hemoglobin than oxygen. Car boxy-haemoglobin eventually leads to hypoxia in the arterial walls thus favoring athero- sclerosis. The tobacco smoke increases the stickiness of blood and the tendency of platelets to aggregate and inflammations of arteries, thus increasing of thrombosis risk. Thrombosis is a formation of blood clot in the arteries that has the potential to trigger the heart attack.
The harmful effects of cigarette smoking are also very striking on lungs. It leads to emphysema in lungs. Many alveoli fuse together thus reducing the respiratory surface area.

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