Alcohol And Breast Cancer Are Deeply Related. See How?

It is a proven and established fact that woman who consume alcohol are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who abstain from alcohol.

Well established risk factors account of 30% of all breast cancers and approximately 5% malignancies of breast are attributed to hereditary factors and flux running in the concerned family. Alcohol is well known and well established single greatest risk factor for breast cancer. The link between alcohol and breast cancer was first suggested as early as 1980

The women who are addicted to alcoholic consumption in their daily lives and especially during pregnancy not only suffer from

mental and physical ailments and disorders but also pass on respiratory and cardiac diseases to their progeny or children. The children of alcoholics are of obstinate, stubbornness, destructive, anti social habits and morbidly insensitive than other children. These children can drink more quantity of alcohol per day without showing any sign of drunkenness. This is sign of their morbid psyche and physical health. Alcoholics produce generations of idiots and dwarfs devoid of any moral or social sense.

The French scientist morel who studied the lives of four generations of alcoholics discovered that the first generation displayed moral corruption and alcohol excesses; the second generation displayed drunkenness in the full sense of the world; the third displayed the signs of severe neurosis, depression and suicidal tendencies; and the fourth generation displayed idiocy and a proclivity to crime and infertility. This deep and meaningful study by morel shows the extent of damage and injury that alcohol can inflict on human

lives and populations. So the use and consumption of alcohol by women is very catastrophic

Alcoholic and drunkard women not only defile their future generations but their on health and lives also. Latest researches have established deep links between cancer of breast and consumption by women. The women who drink even moderately possess great risk of developing breast cancer. There are many studies on WebPages who link breast cancer with daily consumption of alcohol The studies have found that women who had about three drinks a week were approximately one and half times more likely or vulnerable to develop breast cancers than non drinkers. The risk rises with increase in consumption of alcohol.

One such study published on the well known medical website says that even a Little Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk Just one alcoholic drink a day can boost a woman's risk of breast cancer by about 5 percent, the consumption of alcohol is said to increase the estrogen level of blood of woman, in turn increasing the risk of beast cancer.
A review of research reports on alcohol and breast cancer has found that just one drink a day can increase the risk of breast cancer by five per cent.
Women drinking 'heavily' by having three or more drinks a day or are addicted to heavy alcohol are up to 50 per cent more likely to develop breast cancer than those who abstain, it was found.


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