Crotalus Cascavella---a Medicine Of Hypochondrical And Hallucinatory States Of Mind

Crotalus cas is not ordinary medicine of daily use. It is used for grave psychotic states of mind like schizophrenia, clairvoyance, anxiety health, depression, hypochondria, bipolar disorder, obsessiveness compulsive neurosis, anxiety and panic states of mind

Crotalus CAS is the name of the venom of the Brazilian rattlesnake of North America. When this poison is proved on healthy persons it produces the mental state of profound clairvoyant ideas, delusion and hallucination. The prover feels a magnetic mental state in which his intellectual faculties and personal powers are increased to great extent. He becomes extremely sensitive to external impressions like nux

vomica, phos patients .His senses become so acute that he feels every vibration in the atmosphere. The patient feels always frightened with no apparent cause for such fear. These mental symptoms make it one of the best medicines for delusions and hypochondriac states of mind. The following rubrics are testimony to the psychotic states of mind of the medicine

Death thought of when alone.

Delusion feet steps hear behind him people are.

Delusion someone behind him

Delusion someone is walking behind him

The above rubrics show and signify a deep frightened and endangered/ threatened psychotic state of mind. He constantly feels, as if someone is following him and is about to catch him. Here the other mental element is of suspicion. He looks behind repeatedly because he feels as if someone is standing behind him .He is always under the impression that someone is following him and he may kill him. This is the mental state of thief or a young girl who always fears of people especially guys that someone may rape her at any time. So she is very suspicious of surrounding and people and fears everything about her. Day and night he feels these delusions and impressions which have no reality at all. Delusions are distorted perception of reality. These are creations of one’s distorted or perverted psyche. These go on tormenting him day and night. At night, he suffers from hallucinations in sleep also. In the sleep he hears as someone is calling on him or is ringing the bell. If she responds to the dictates of her psyche, than she starts choking and suffocating with awful perspirations and anxiety. Sometimes her whole body becomes numb and she can not move her limbs. She stars suffering from cataleptic states of her body. At times she sees a lady lying next to her husband or lying with her husband. A dark lady dressed in dark stealing things from her house. She dreams of being followed and chased by animals and men and demons. She is pushed from the top of the

mountains and she is struck in midway as hydra headed snake is moving on earth beneath. That may devour her any moment if she drops herself down on earth. At night she hears foot steps in her room and someone woke her up; invariably she woke up with a jerk from sleep and is scared and did not know why so she fears imminent death. Wee see the themes of pursued, persecuted, deceived, jealous, amorous, choking, Constriction, Suffocation, danger, clavairance, running through all snake medicines and snake poisons.


The hallucinations of Crotalus cas are very vivid black. Whether she sees skeletons, snakes, ghosts, persons all bear a black look .In her hallucinatory state of mind she feels as if someone dressed in black was sitting on her chest as a heavy load. She tries to lift this load but is helpless and ultimately cries and shrieks with vigor shaking and drenched in sweat. She feels someone is coming to strangulate her and she can not speak or even call any body and she turns cold. Dreams of black snakes are very characteristic of Crotalus cas psyche. One thread that runs through all snake poisons is that there is great constriction of neck and throat .she can not wear anything tight around her neck or throat and also tight clothing. All snake poisons are intolerant of tight clothes. The girls and woman can not wear tight bra and tight clothes around their waist. All snake poisons are enemy to constrictions of every kind. It may be anywhere in the body in chest, head or heart or liver.

The above described psychotic states do not occur in isolation. The above said mental states are accompanied by varied of heart diseases, renal failure and diseases of woman pertaing to their generative and productive system. When the discharges and sicknesses of physical nature are suppressed by strong antibiotics and other suppressive means then these mental states ensue. In women after the surgical removal of uterus and ovaries the physical states find their way into deeper layers of psyche in the form of delusions, hallucinations and hypochondria. In the skillful hands and in dynamic form Crotalus cas is wonderful remedy to cure deep seated psychotic diseases of mind. It may prove future medicine for psychotic states of mind for which no cure exists so far. The sedatives and tranquilizers have started proving counter productive for psychotic states of mind, with their varied adverse effects.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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