Homeopathy Is Energy And Not Water As Skeptics Dub And Debunk

The skeptics of homoeopathy have deliberately created certain myths and misconceptions and above all fallacies about the efficacy and healing powers of homoeopathy. There is lot of propaganda against homoeopathic art of healing. A all powerful lobby is acting against the homoeopathy but the homoeopathy is gaining momentum and finding its roots in folks. It is a fact that society as a whole is governed by economics. He, who has control over the economy of the world, and means of production, rules the world with his misconceived thought to benefit his own designs. The capitalistic interests are ruling the world

economy in their own way now a days.. The big multi national multi dollar pharma are their tools to propagate their ideas about medical health and medicine and to gain over the economic means of society.. What ever suits their selfish designs is good for society and people. What does not suit them that become bad for society and people? The world press and media are in their hands to play their own game. They create fallacies about health matters and medicines with calculation and deliberations to mislead the folk psyche and mind set. Same has happened with homoeopathy since the time of its harbinger Dr. Hahnemann and is happening even today .we see new articles/ press notes on the internet and in news papers about the in efficiency of homoeopathy debunking it as water only. It is golden rule to propagate your own product to say that the other available products in the market are sub standard or do not work at all. They are simply worthless and even harmful. In this short article I will like to dispel a plethora of myths and misconceptions surrounding homeopathy and how the big pharma have been used to discredit this highly efficacious healing art and science of future mankind. They discredit homoeopathy as water and water only with no curing power attached to it. They describe homeopathy as the placebo effect .Placebo is a psychological medium of prescription administered to patients without actual medications. Some misguided brains equate homeopathy with magic and quackery.

Let us try to find answers to these questions with scientific approach and rational mind. Without being biased to reality in any way.. Homoeopathy is based on the principle of” simillia smibilus curantur.”It means. Similar diseases area cured by similar medicines. There are only two dominant theories/schools about the nature and cure of diseases. The convention medicine is based on the theory of dissimilar or opposites. It says if we are to protect ourselves from cold or ice we should take hot water or apply hot appliances. On the other hand the homoeopathy is based on the principle of similar or similarity. It says we can not protect ourselves from hot or heat by opposites by applying hot or heat but rather by applying ice and living in icy cold environment. On the surface value the homoeopathy theory seems does not work but when we dive the matter deep than it becomes the only truth of life. Unless the simillia or similimum is not found or searched for to affect cure homoeopathy can not work and it will never work. To understand this homoeopathic principle let us take one example. We all know that ars is a poison in its crude form or physical form. If one starts taking ars doses daily, than it

will produce symptoms like thirst for sips of water, nausea, vomiting at smell of food or utter prostration with failure of nervous system with extreme anxiety and fear of death. When perchance we meet this symptom- complex in a sick person dying of heat attack or in panic attack than ars in potentised form can be safely prescribed to cure the symptoms. And it wonderfully cures the sick man .what is poison in its crude form becomes medicine in its dynamic form. The most vital thing about homoeopathy is to understand its principle of preparation.


Homoeopathic medicines are not prepared in the same way as conventional or herbal medicines are prepared. The method of homoeopathic medicines is most scientific but the tragedy is none in the world is able to describe it experimentally. This non ability of scientists to affectively describe it, has paved the way to call homoeopathy just water and water only or nothing else. We all know that some total of matter or material substance in the universe is constant. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Matter can be made to change its form solid to liquid and liquid to gases. Matter can be converted into energy. In homoeopathy matter is converted into energy. The process of converting matter into energy in homoeopathy is called dynamisation or potentisation. It is the process in which the crude substance is diluted by succession method i.e. potentisation through vigorous shaking. . Succession is nowadays done by machines. When the crude substance is dilutee up to 12th potency than we can see the molecules of the substance diluted with powerful microscope. But after that no molecule of original substance is seen or visible. It is here the homoeopathy is dubbed as water or placebo only. It is the inability of the modern science to describe it successfully that has lead many to debunk homoeopathy as water. Let us agree with the point of view of opponents temporarily. Suppose homoeopathy is water only, than it should not cure or have any effect at all. This question is most vital and significant. I hereby put the challenge before medical community with most humbleness that to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy I am ready to take initiative. I have seen that homoeopathy cures the cases in most gentle and permanent way. Its cures are not temporary or suppressive type but everlasting and permanent. Homoeopathy cures and cures beautifully the diseased conditions of humanity. Homoeopathy is not water as some skeptics and orthodox opponents of homoeopathy dub it, but it is the most advanced medical science which is proving curative in conditions which are leveled as uncured by the conventional medicine. Homoeopathy is not crude or matter in essence as is the case with conventional medicine or herbal medicine. Human body is composed of matter or material substance , formed of bones ,muscles, nerves ,and blood cells and tissues .what but animates the human body is not matter that is energy or the vital force as Hahnemann calls it.. Matter is subject of senses energy is beyond it. Mind or spirit is also energy. It is pure energy only. The medicinal energy, acting on the deranged and diseased vital force in curative way.. Homoeopathy is great boon dedicated to humanity by great genius Hahnemann.

Article Written By ANANDBLISS

professor of psychology and parapsychology and writing on issues concerning human nature and illness

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