Complications Of Carbuncles And Homoeopathic Treatment

Never resort to operation even mistakably for carbuncles. Why?
Never resort to operation even mistakably for carbuncles. Why? Boils and carbuncles are two different things. Boils are never serious in nature and it is superficial on skin. But carbuncles are located deep in skin. It may be termed as group of boils with deep pockets of poison. / Toxins and infections deeper in muscles. It is never flabby and pulpy but hardened mass of muscles. Its base is much infiltrated rather stony hardness. Beneath this hardness are pockets of pus, dead tissue watery fluid and infection you can not press it with your hands so hard it
is .it has not one opening rather multiple openings for the drainage of pus. In spite of multiple openings the pus is very slow to come out .its base or mass is so deep that the pus does not come out freely. And it is the formation of this pus that causing agonizing pains to the victim. It is very aching and burring pains are very characteristic. It burns like coals or fire inside causing mental anguish to the victim. . It involves group of hair follicles. It is mostly bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus aurous it may develop anywhere on body parts but back, nape of neck and calves and thies area its favorite sites to grow and develop. Diabetic constitutions are very vulnerable to grow carbuncles its pace of development is very slow and insidious type. In its primary phase it is very reddened this is its inflammatory phase sometimes it is reddened like fire with heat of the skin. In its later phase it becomes very purplish like the color of a brinjal. Here it in this stage it causes very agonizing pains and victim wishes to cut it with knife . Complications The unusual feature of
carbuncles is that these do not easily drain out. Here arise its complications. When it is operated upon it becomes inward. This makes the poison to spread in our body and make the carbuncle worse. The pus in stead of draining out it starts draining into our blood vascular system making way for septicemia is poisoning of our body systems especially the blood vascular system. The excretory system is also badly affected. The absorbed poison/ toxin from operated carbuncle starts affecting kidneys. The urine starts discharging pus cells in large quantity I have seen one such patient dying of such condition after surgery of carbuncle. Heavy doses of anti biotic/injection utterly failed to arrest the discharge of pus from kidneys in urine. The carbuncle was located on back .of the patient. Diabetes also generally follows after operation of carbuncle. This is not mere speculation. I am speaking from experience. Treatment What are its treatment options? The herbal remedies an homoeopathy are the two best and safe options the water boiled with Neem tree leaves should be poured on the carbuncle daily for hour an hour the water should be warm not cold to sprinkle on carbuncle or the leaves of panther chat an Indian herb should be placed on carbuncle and daily replace the leaves. It will absorb the pus of carbuncle in a miraculous way in a limited time . Homoeopathy Those who know homoeopathy should take ars 200 few doses if it causes burning pains. It will cure this condition wonderfully. If this medicine fails than take few doses of anthracinium 200 .If the color of the carbuncle is purplish with burning pains than take tarantula cubensis. Silica and hepar sulph are worth mentioning medicines to cure this condition if constitution of the patient is of silica a hepar sulph type.

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